Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Internet Escapes (revisited)

"I love firin' up my 'puter and gettin' on dat inna-web... It's fantabulous... There's dis youtube n myspace n twittidy-tweets n all the games in the world n dat yahoo place, ooh child I get lost in that place if it wasn't for my 7 year old helping me click on where to get my inna-mails and stuff... Yup, da inna-web is the new place for me, I tells you what..."

That is what my general consensus of what I think most (like I said most, not everyone) that has an internet connection goes and do in their minds. It's pretty sad is all that I'm saying. But that's not to say that having leisurely time while on the internet isn't bad. I do such like I mentioned on a prior post, and it's a great escape. I just find that sometimes there's escape, than there's assimilation to the point that your brain becomes pudding that Bill Cosby won't even touch.

In this day and age, we have the internet: a medium of communication that was initially used by U.S. Armed Forces in the 1970's that is now in my assessment; a vessel that's 80% porn; 5% WOW users and boards; 5% MySpace and Facebook (apps included); 5% YouTube and other viral video sites; 4% shopping outlets; and 1% actual stuff that is useful. So I'm gonna focus on some of these things for recreational purposes that can still be considered PG for all intensive purposes, I'm steering away from porn, I just think that that's enough said about that one. So here's my rant on some more internet escapes.

The first of these things that I want to tackle is Facebook. I love it, I use it, it's not too shabby to say the least. I go and interact with my friends and family from the comforts of my own bedroom while doing other mundane things like folding laundry or changing the baby. It's fun, and some of the featured applications are pretty decent such as FarmTown, Mafia Wars, Texas Hold-Em Poker, and other fun things on it. Its just that sometimes, too much of a good thing, or maybe just any thing, is not a good thing. For instance, I have currently about 50 requests combined of quizzes to take, gifts for apps to receive, and the occasional friend here and there. It's too friggin' much. I mean Facebok has so many apps that it just becomes more of the center of attention at times versus the whole networking side of things (which is what a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE is supposed to do anyways.) And don't even get me started on some of the quizzes it has. First off there's like three dozen quiz apps and some of the quizzes that are created are stupid to boot. Like I give a damn about how old do I act or what my name means if it was an acronym for a robot. It's effing stupid. I felt like I just wasted two and a half minutes of my time taking each test and that Facebook should give me a refund for allowing that tripe to be on it. It just annoys the crap outta me sometimes.

Another thing that I use to escape in the internet is viral videos and lol'z. It's just fun either making them or watching them, and trust me, I've done quite a few of them. It's not bad, definitely if you want a quick laugh, and just to pass the time. But sometimes some people just get overboard with some of the stuff on there and they get too cliche at times. I'm all good for the random video of someone getting kicked in the junk or falling on their head now and then; but seriously people, we've been seeing that since before Bob Saget was doing dirty jokes and hosting America's Funniest Home Videos. It's funny, but not all the time. And I know that there's a gem out there that goes along with the cliche, but that's the exception, not the rule. Now about those lol'z that are out there. It either consists of cute cuddly kittens speaking in broken English; to bashing on whatever is the current pop icon until it becomes so predictable that the joke is lame two hours before you even saw it; to some of the most perverse things out there that makes you either LOL or OMG on the spot. There's a lot of them. And to narrow down on such is just too much. It's all over. I mean, there's so many videos there that you'll bound to hear about one or the other that might (and I mean lottery odds might) be epic enough to make it into the water cooler at your job and talk about it. Same to go with the captions from those lol'z that are created. Sometimes they make the grade, but others are just weak. Not to mention those captions are cliched as well (I know I mentioned that earlier, but it really gets to me.)

And you know what, there's still more that's out there that I've still yet haven't touched on yet. But I will you can bet on that one. Making headway to all the crap on the 'net, I'm gonna keep my sieve out and dump all that won't pass.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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