Friday, July 3, 2009

I love July

Just like the title of this post. I'm not gonna repeat myself, I love this month. It's full of festivities and merriment. Joy and laughter. There's barbecues and beers as far as the eye can see. It is in my opinion the closest thing that man can create to what heaven would be like. I friggin' love July. It's phenomenal; it's like the stars were set to be aligned perfectly throughout the month to give everyone a joy-gasm. And all that stems from my past experiences of what July has brought upon me. Let's dive in shall we and see what pinnacle of awesomeness these 31 days of sweetness had to offer and hopefully some to carry over into the near future.

First for me, July is my birth month. I'm proud to be a summer baby. It's fan-friggin-tastic. It's the time for when I get to relax on usually one of the most beautiful days of the year back in the day, have my cake and eat it too (both literally and metaphorically.) The games we played back in the day was awesome and kept on getting a helluva lot better with each passing year. As a kid, I was content with playing tag and hide-and-seek out in the middle of the streets. And as I got older, I actually gotten to go to places that are normally the best time to go and have it all to myself. Places such as the park and zoo as a pre-tween, and as I've gotten older, amusement parks. I think my best birthday was when me and my best friend Mike went to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. It was especially awesome since Mike's birthday was two days after mine so it was like we had it to ourselves; and it was EPIC! We were kings of the castle, we conquered Steel Force, we rode down the big tube ride and the rapids, we ruled the park.

Another thing is the friggin' Fourth of July. It's a time for Americans to celebrate our independence from England and striving as our own. It's time for remembrance for everyone who served in our Armed Forces to keep our freedom that we strive for way back in 1776. THAT, am I proud not only to served but to honor those who had. That, and it's also a time for great celebration. I remember the spectacular fireworks displays from my own back yard to my local park to Center City Philadelphia along the waterfront. It was a great experience each and every year. Sure I miss those, and some fireworks displays won't live up to others in the past, but I think that everyone is in consensus that celebrates Fourth of July. We love the fireworks, no matter what they are or where they are. I love the energy of everyone around me while the works were at work in the sky. It was like a gathering of the masses to witness a feat that symbolizes our fight for freedom from our oppressors. That in amongst itself is a phenomenon.

And with celebrations comes, well, celebrating. And boy do I love celebrating. Barbecues, beer, friends, beer, partying, summer concerts, friends, and beer (honestly, I'm not an alcoholic.) But with all that celebrating, and beer, I did it responsibly and I hope that you all do it the same as well. And I think that speaks on its own.

Well, I'm not gonna let this month pass me by. I'm gonna enjoy every moment of it and push for society to institute August to be an extension of July for two reasons:
1) There's no holiday in August, it's a dead zone for that crap. And
2) My brother's birthday is in August, so he's just the leftover energy for partying that I had carried over from last month.

Hoping to have a great July,
BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

*An addition is needed to be added to this post. I've seem to have done the stereotypical bonehead male thing and forgot to incorporate that my wife and I's anniversary is in July as well. Yes, I'm getting a lot of crap at home for that one from my wife since she reads my blog. So, sorry babe for forgetting to add one of the happiest days of our lives on here and please let me back in bed. The couch is a real pain on my back.

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