Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I have my PS3 doing for me

It's pretty much doing just about everything for me.  I gotta hand it to them, it really does do everything.  It's my media center, my game console of choice, and my gateway to all things HD.  It's so bad, and I remember from previous posts bitching about not having one and maybe I didn't know what I was missing.  Man, did I miss out.  Here's a quick synopsis of me and my PS3 these past few months.

1)  BLU-F'N-RAY!!!  Man, I figured well, the upscale on my DVD's are pretty damn impressive in among itself, I figure that I didn't need to search for Blu-Ray titles.  That is complete crap... I am on the hunt for some of the best and most bad-ass titles I can get my hands on in Blu-Ray for all that is good and 1080p.  I've rented stuff and it's making me wish that I had it in my collection.  I'm a friggin' noob again in getting my collection to match what I've done in DVD's.  I figure The Dark Knight is a good start and as soon as I'm done, I'm poppin' that bad boy in and rock it like Bruce Wayne in a fancy Gotham gala.  Okay, maybe like Bruce Campbell, but still, it's still pretty bad-ass...

2) Netflix.  It's such a great upswing from watching it on the Wii or on the laptop (which does do HD) versus the comforts of the PS3 powering my television with 1080p streaming video.  Watching some awesome movies and shows on it fills me with so much awesome that I at times have to change pants during the middle of a show.  Sure they rape my wallet with price hikes up the ass, that's why I just do only streaming for now on.  No more DVD's from them and I can always rent Blu-Ray's from Redbox or Blockbuster.  But for my instant gratification, Netflix all the way, baby...

3) The games, oh jeebus, the games.  They are so what this gamer wanted and more.  Pretty, fluid, controls for the most part, and the selection is great.  Now I'm not your typical gamer, but I'm a gamer nonetheless, so I stick with my RPG's, maybe a little Madden, and I've been on an Assassin's Creed kick for like since I got the damn thing.  I'm in love with the games the PS3 have to offer, but I'm not gonna ditch my Wii for the highest bidder, it is still intrinsically valuable in this household with my kids, and I love playing the hell out of Madworld still after all these years.

4) Finally a console for myself while the kids can have their Wii.  They know not to touch my stuff and I filtered out my Wii titles from theirs so they can only play their stuff.  It's just that now, while they're playing Super Mario Bros. Wii, I can get my Final Fantasy XIII on.  Maybe once they become a little more responsible, I'll let them play a little Little Big Planet... maybe...

And that's what I have been up to, outside of the normal and working on a new design for this blog of mine as well as for the wifie.  Let's bask in all that Sony had to offer and hope that the Vita won't be such a disappointment when it releases.  Man I'm still pissed that it's still only 3G with AT&T, friggin' stupid...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kudos to the wifie

I might poke fun and all that other stuff to my wife, but really she's a gem.  Without her I wouldn't know what to do with myself or my family.  She is truly the glue that holds us together. The wifie is more than just my spouse and the mother of my boys, shes the figurehead when I'm not home.  She handles all household relations that are just too overwelming for me because of my workload.  I couldn't exist (well, sanely) without her.

She does so much for keeping the family together, I'll try to keep the list short for purposes of if I keep bragging we'll be here all night.  She's teacher for the older boys because we believe that homeschooling them is best for their morale and the one-on-one interaction with their teacher is more than most students get.  She's personal chef to the fam from everything from simple sandwiches to gourmet 3 course meals.  Great in keeping order with the boys when they become rabble-rousey and what not.  She's the law when I'm not around, and together we keep order in this house.  But she's more than just mother to my sons, but my dear and lovely espousa.

Ideally she's the love of my life.  The only one that would put up with my crap on a daily basis. She's loving in all of my mistakes; and there's plenty of them, and forgiving of my shortcomings.  Sure I provide the bacon in the house, but she's the one that cooks the bacon and even put syrup on my plate for dipping.  By that yeah, I mentioned the cooking, but she handles all the heavy lifting in the house while I'm not here.  And the only things that heavy besides my fat-ass is my bank account (or at least it is before she's finished with the bills.)  Sure I could handle it but I rather live with her handling it versus the ulcers I would get by looking into the stacks and stacks of debt I've taken.  Mainly she's my earthly rock and my spiritual compass to remind me when I'm straying away from a righteous path.  I don't always say the right things and do the right thing, but without her, I wouldn't have as much restraint as I do now.

So in closing, this is just my public way of saying "I love ya, babe!!!"  You're everything I want in a woman and I just hope that someday I could be everything in a man for you.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do a little dance...

Really, it's been an odd week for me this week.   Lots of personal stuff brewing up such as getting a summons for jury duty, which I might post about after the fact.  Also, I've been working on not one, but two separate websites.  I've been trying something other than blogger to customize the format and flow of such, and I'm thinking of moving over to wordpress for a blogging platform.  No, no, no, not wordpress.com, but actually looking int designing my own in that fashion to host myself and not be under the mercy of free blogging limitations.  That, and I have some experience in such in my line of work.  Another reason why is that the wifie wants to have something easy to manage and look beautiful to boot.  Hence why I'm designing everything locally prior to getting it up live for anyone else to view.  Expect something good within the next few months. 

On other notes, there have been birthdays after birthdays to celebrate during this time of year for me and the fam, so I've been trying to get stuff situated in that fashion while the normal workload of the day job, my family life, and any new venture that comes my way that I just seem to be a glutton for to add on for myself.  That, and I've decided to go a little greener and ride the bus to work instead of driving.  One good thing about that is that I get some me time to get stuff in line, one bad thing is that this is monsoon season here in the valley and rain, lightening, and dust storms are a big pain in the ass during my commute.  But they are phenomenal to watch, so here's a little snippet of post rain from a day and night of storms.  Keep in mind this was shot from my mobile and not the best lighting around.  I was hoping for more from mother nature.

Anyhow, that's life for right now, and I promise you that next week will be a little less pitiful and a little more humorous like we all like it.  But as for right now, that is the current state of affairs.  Until next week.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Why We Still Listen to Notorious B.I.G.

So that we're finally done with GAMESHOW MONTH, we can get back to basics.  And what's more basic than a little old school rapping.

Honestly this should be titled "Why We Should Still be Listening to Notorious B.I.G." because honestly after he died, rap music in my opinion started to die as well. I'll admit that I didn't care much for any newer crap that came out after that. I'm certain that some of it is good (listening to the Office Space soundtrack right now), but I'm willing to bet that at minimum 90% of the stuff out now has gone so far from their roots that it's nothing more than auto-tuned vocals with drum beats from a machine so simple that my son could've created it and borderline pop music. And I'm not about to go down that road to hell again. So here's my tribute to one of the greatest rappers that ever lived and the legacy he left. I just wish these damn fools nowadays would learn and improve their crap to something close to what he'd done. 

He was Big Papa :: He was hands down one of the best rappers by far. And that's not just me, that's actual critics, fans, and other rap artists. He knew what to say and how to say it even if he was dissing who he was talking about they were still in awe and wonder. Biggie and only, ONLY a handful of other artists could make such an impact. He spoke of having more money and more problems cause it was true. He was straight hood prior to making it big. He didn't fake it like most of these fools talking about nothing but bling and bitches like it was a golden nugget that fallen out of their asses. If you believe that, I'm here to tell you that that ain't gold, that's corn cause it ain't nothin but bullshit. 

No Diddy :: Pure and simple, if there was no Biggie, Sean Combs would be just another wannabe wanting to do something. Maybe he would've done something because he's a pretty good producer now and one helluva marketing guru. But lets face it, if it wasn't for being Biggie's right hand man, those odds of all his success would not be in his favor. He owes his whole professional career to the life and death of Big Papa and the grace of God for associating them. 

East Coast vs West Coast :: You're probably wondering why I choose Biggie over 2Pac? Well that's simple. I'm an east coast brotha tried and true. Well, realistically I'm an old-school brotha but since most the great rappers came from the east coast I gotta represent. And back in the 90's it was just the same. That rivalry was like the Montagues and the Capulets of music. You were one or the other. And the feud was hellish, taking two greats in their prime; Biggie and Pac. In retrospect, it was uncalled for cause violence is nonsense. And both blends brought a helluva lot to the table. But the crap on nowadays can't even hold a candle in their presence. 

Not just talked about how pimp he was :: This mo-fo was pimp. He was the bridge from old school where they rapped about actual shit in their hoods and the government to nowadays where rappers who just start on the scene and aren't even established rap about bitches and bling. How ya gonna rap about shit like that when you don't even have the status to back it up. Biggie started small and had the hard knocked life, and he rapped about that. Then he got big and rapped about hoes and booze and money because he made it. Only a handful of rappers nowadays still rapping can claim that, and I think Jay-Z said it best; "I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one". That sums up Biggie's life right there. 

Bad Boy Records :: He was the catalyst that started the label. Without him, we wouldn't have had such great acts like P. Diddy or Ma$e, well, Diddy at least... The label wouldn't be in existence pure and simple. And only a handful of acts can bring up that claim. 

And with all that being said, if you're listening to anything that's not old school when if comes to rap, you should be ashamed of yourself. These reasons alone should be enough for you to go listen to some of the forgotten freshness that was Biggie and anything before his death. You'll thank me later.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...