Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do a little dance...

Really, it's been an odd week for me this week.   Lots of personal stuff brewing up such as getting a summons for jury duty, which I might post about after the fact.  Also, I've been working on not one, but two separate websites.  I've been trying something other than blogger to customize the format and flow of such, and I'm thinking of moving over to wordpress for a blogging platform.  No, no, no, not wordpress.com, but actually looking int designing my own in that fashion to host myself and not be under the mercy of free blogging limitations.  That, and I have some experience in such in my line of work.  Another reason why is that the wifie wants to have something easy to manage and look beautiful to boot.  Hence why I'm designing everything locally prior to getting it up live for anyone else to view.  Expect something good within the next few months. 

On other notes, there have been birthdays after birthdays to celebrate during this time of year for me and the fam, so I've been trying to get stuff situated in that fashion while the normal workload of the day job, my family life, and any new venture that comes my way that I just seem to be a glutton for to add on for myself.  That, and I've decided to go a little greener and ride the bus to work instead of driving.  One good thing about that is that I get some me time to get stuff in line, one bad thing is that this is monsoon season here in the valley and rain, lightening, and dust storms are a big pain in the ass during my commute.  But they are phenomenal to watch, so here's a little snippet of post rain from a day and night of storms.  Keep in mind this was shot from my mobile and not the best lighting around.  I was hoping for more from mother nature.

Anyhow, that's life for right now, and I promise you that next week will be a little less pitiful and a little more humorous like we all like it.  But as for right now, that is the current state of affairs.  Until next week.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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