Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WTF PEOPLE!?! NFL Quarterbacks

I'm back with another WTF, and this one really got me frantic. The recent events with NFL quarterbacks are friggin' ridiculous. What in the hell goes up in their heads?!? I can understand that they're the core leader of the offensive line and in some cases the entire team short of coaches, but some of these guys are straight outta line as if they can get away with murder (or close to it for someone I'll mention very soon in my post). Anyways, here is what giving me all sorts of pissed off.

First in the line of fire of recent quarterbacks is Michael Vick. WHAT A POMPOUS JACKHOLE!!! I mean where do I begin, really?!? He couldn't really help the Falcons to anything while he was still an upstanding citizen. And then the whole dogfighting cartel turned him into a convicted felon (I guess if it was good for DMX and his Ruff Ryders crew, it's good enough for Vick). And what really puts me into a rant fest is his recent signing to the Philadelphia Eagles. MY EAGLES... SIGNED THIS SHMUCK?!? WTF PEOPLE!?! Some people think that this guy coming to the Eagles line up is a good thing. That bull. And the worst part of this, it's my fellow Philadelphians that like this guy. I feel betrayed. It's like they completely loss faith on our current roster and needing the assistance of a dog mongol/convicted felon/all around shithead. This I think overdone the whole T.O. situation. And the only reason I'm not ranting about T.O. right now is because I limited myself to only quarterbacks. I promised myself that I stay on that position because there's a lot of BS to pass around on that ground. So as far as Vick is concerned, he can suck it, and then sit on it and rotate; the bastard...

On to a new quarterback that just seem to never die, Brett Farve. This guy has had more coming out of retirements than Michael Jordon; but the one main difference between the two of them is that when MJ came back to basketball, everybody wanted it and welcomed it. This is not the same for number 4. The first time he retired Green Bay didn't want him back and he went to the Jets last year. Now granted, last year was probably one of his best years and definitely showed that the Packers has made the wrong decision not letting rejoin that organization. But he retired again, or so we thought. Now it seems that he will be coming out of retirement again, this time as a Viking? What, none of the other Viking QBs were good enough so you had to go through what seems like the top item from a NFL consignment store and hope for the best?!? I just don't know, don't effin' know with Brett Farve anymore. As far as I'm concerned Brett Farve is like the .1% of germs that Lysol claims that it can't seem to kill. He is the cockroach of the NFL, if there were a nuclear holocost, only SPAM and Brett Farve would survive. So I have this to say to Mr. Farve: come the hell on man, just let it be. Why can't you just stay down. They're plenty of other stuff you can be doing. Hell, look at Troy Aikman and his crap job at color commentating games on Fox Sports, it's like if John Madden had taken a crap and given it a mic. I'm sure that you can do a better job than that. Just promise me one thing Brett. Next time you retire, stay effin' retired.

And then there's just about a rant for almost every other NFL QB out there too so to keep it brief as this is getting way too long as it is, let me just summarize how I feel in this paragraph before I close. I see practically no real talent in quarterbacks now a days. There's no passion out there on majority of them playing now only with a few acceptions such as McNabb (because I'm an E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! fan and I do see that he wants to be in it until he retires); the Manning brothers (c'mon they're like the first family of football, the posterboy for backyard football); and possibly Rothlesburger (the only good QB that Pittsburgh had since Terry Bradshaw). Other than that, not much in my opinion. Maybe as the season starts, my view would change but as of now, it's crap.

So in closing (finally), I just wish that there were some good things to say about quarterbacks nowadays versus how it was back in the say. I still remember how Randall Cunningham perfected the scramble and the short QB runs for first downs, how Dan Marino was the only good thing that the Dolphins had (and still hasn't had much of any goodness since), and how greatness could come in such a form as a Cowboys jersey with Aikman, about the only good thing that Dallas had produced. ( nllm mlln = both middle fingers in the air). Where have those days gone. Is it only in existance as color commentary on Fox NFL Sunday pregame show? Is it on ESPN's Monday Night Football booth? (Shout out to Jaws, another allstar Eagle QB). I just don't know except that it ain't out on the field like it's supposed to be.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Week of Calamities

This has been an exciting experiment this past week as I started my new shift at work. It seems that Murphy's Law was in full session all this week and I've had experienced the full farce of it. It had been a daily dose of calamities for the most part transitioning from night shift to day shift. All this with one looming question that comes before me: do I continue to strife through it or try to find a way to regain my once coveted night shift position. I just don't know. Maybe a day by day breakdown would help make this more clear to see what should I do to force myself to try and say that it was just a bad case of "Shift Happens".

By the way I'm basing this list on my work week, I work five days straight but what I call my Monday doesn't really resemble the day Monday, just my first day of my work week. Just to clarify...

Monday: I like to start by saying that working at a call center there has to be an influx of calls to come in. For some time there was an issue with my line of business receiving incoming calls as if it was bottlenecking and only a few were coming in at the time. So I've been taking other line of businesses calls. But they fixed that problem, a little too well, because instead of bottlenecking, it was a tidal wave of calls from my line of work that came in and I had to troubleshoot. I mean MacGyver don't even fix stuff this well. It caught not only myself but everyone from my department off guard and we were standing there (well sitting in our cubicles) avant garde to the situation. By the way, the wave of calls would last all week. Great for business, bad for someone that was once used to a tricke now experiencing the heavens pour down upon him.

Tuesday: A nice part of my work is that I have a roaming profile that can be taken from computer to computer so that if somehow someone had taken my seat from the prior day I don't have to worry about starting from scratch. This only works if the profile on said network actually works. I went to a different computer (because unlike night shifts there's actually a lot of people that work, not just two or four) and my profile didn't move with me. I had spent the better part of the first thirty minutes of my shift trying to find a computer that would load my profile, but there wasn't one. So I sent a ticket to IT and had to find my profile from our shared server before even doing my job.

Wednesday: Same thing from yesterday as I was waiting for IT to resolve my profile issue, because now it wasn't even loading my profile on the computer that I'm used to be on. Add that to the fact that the night before there was a thunderstorm because of the monsoons that occurs this time of year in Arizona. That storm had sprung a leak over my bed and in the middle of the night me and my wife had to move all of our bedroom every which way so that we wouldn't get soaked. We're still waiting for the roofers to repair the leak above before we can fix the ceiling. Add that to the fact that I had to wake up an hour later just to get ready to take the bus for work because my wife needs the car to transport the kids to and from school plus other errands.

Thursday: I just don't get it. Why is all this crap happening to me all this week. My alarm did not go off and I was an hour late getting to work. Simple enough. Luckily my seven-week-old son woke me up crying for food and the wifie took care of that. The only saving grace of my Thursday, IT finally resolved my roaming profile issue so that I can pull up all my tools and whatever without trying to search for it within our shared servers.

Friday: I can't friggin' believe it. I guess I had to take all the crap in the beginning (and by beginning I mean most of the week) to get to a decent day. I think it's either the transition of sifting through all that bull just to get to a decent day was a trial of patience, diligence, and most of all, sticking to a new routine. That and that it was my Friday and I could look forward to my weekend. Oh Happy Day!!!

So as I enjoy my weekend, I'm posting this for a reminder that change is hard, change can be good, and most of all, change always happens. It's all on how someone handles the change is what makes whatever result that comes with them. I just hope that next week, it would be a helluva lot easier than how this week was now that I got my toes wet.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A helluva week

Damn. I'm beat. I mean I can't be possibly anymore beat down that I think that I can be now and still able to write in my blog. I have been dealing with personal and professional crap all this past week and leading into this and next week. Two worlds colliding to an epic cataclysm. To put it so that I don't stir up more controversy and possibly leak any confidential information from my employer, I'm just gonna give it a brief rundown of what is becoming the bane of my existence.

So let's start in the beginning. I have been very active with prior engagements (outside of this blog) with my church and my family. My wife and I had been working with Children's Church on Sundays as well as lending our services with our bus ministry to help them outreach to people by providing them transportation to and from their homes to attend church services. We love to give our all when it comes to matters of our faith, beliefs, and ministry. We try to do what we can with what resources we can offer. We are also sending our two oldest boys, Blaine and Skyler, to their Christian School this upcoming year and preparing them for the year to come in that their curriculum is more advanced than some of the public and private schools in our area. Our boys were accepted out of our good faith and works to our church. But what has happened in the past week and in the near future could cause such tragedy in future endeavors.

In the past week, there had been a shift bid for everyone in my department to change their shifts to meet company needs. I had the unfortunate luck of getting a shift that is not going to work with my family life nor my church commitments. This totally blows, especially since the new shifts don't take into effect this upcoming Sunday, during a month that me and my wife are obligated to run Children's Chruch for each Sunday of the month. It could not happen in a worse possible time having this shift change. From my past postings you know that I've recently became a dad again with our infant, Logan. And to sum thing up, without ranting for hours on end, the new schedule would have put my entire family life in jeopardy. This means no time for family meals or any family time, no church, no anything. And wouldn't you know it, that's what happened at first. But with a little fighting with those in power (more like carefully phrased deliberations that took roughly all week to accomplish because honestly I like making a living and having food and a roof for my family), I've managed to achieved a schedule that would work for both my church and family lives.

In fact, I'm posting this just mere moments before I have to go to work because it's the only time that I have to work on my blog. So for a status update I might not be able to post my normal minimal of three days a week on here, but I'll try hard as hell to meet with that commitment as well. Consider this my 'sorry if you missed me and now you know why' post. Anyways, I'm off to seek the crack of dawn and do my duties that warrants me to have a forty hour week. Until next time (hopefully later this week).

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...