Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WTF PEOPLE!?! NFL Quarterbacks

I'm back with another WTF, and this one really got me frantic. The recent events with NFL quarterbacks are friggin' ridiculous. What in the hell goes up in their heads?!? I can understand that they're the core leader of the offensive line and in some cases the entire team short of coaches, but some of these guys are straight outta line as if they can get away with murder (or close to it for someone I'll mention very soon in my post). Anyways, here is what giving me all sorts of pissed off.

First in the line of fire of recent quarterbacks is Michael Vick. WHAT A POMPOUS JACKHOLE!!! I mean where do I begin, really?!? He couldn't really help the Falcons to anything while he was still an upstanding citizen. And then the whole dogfighting cartel turned him into a convicted felon (I guess if it was good for DMX and his Ruff Ryders crew, it's good enough for Vick). And what really puts me into a rant fest is his recent signing to the Philadelphia Eagles. MY EAGLES... SIGNED THIS SHMUCK?!? WTF PEOPLE!?! Some people think that this guy coming to the Eagles line up is a good thing. That bull. And the worst part of this, it's my fellow Philadelphians that like this guy. I feel betrayed. It's like they completely loss faith on our current roster and needing the assistance of a dog mongol/convicted felon/all around shithead. This I think overdone the whole T.O. situation. And the only reason I'm not ranting about T.O. right now is because I limited myself to only quarterbacks. I promised myself that I stay on that position because there's a lot of BS to pass around on that ground. So as far as Vick is concerned, he can suck it, and then sit on it and rotate; the bastard...

On to a new quarterback that just seem to never die, Brett Farve. This guy has had more coming out of retirements than Michael Jordon; but the one main difference between the two of them is that when MJ came back to basketball, everybody wanted it and welcomed it. This is not the same for number 4. The first time he retired Green Bay didn't want him back and he went to the Jets last year. Now granted, last year was probably one of his best years and definitely showed that the Packers has made the wrong decision not letting rejoin that organization. But he retired again, or so we thought. Now it seems that he will be coming out of retirement again, this time as a Viking? What, none of the other Viking QBs were good enough so you had to go through what seems like the top item from a NFL consignment store and hope for the best?!? I just don't know, don't effin' know with Brett Farve anymore. As far as I'm concerned Brett Farve is like the .1% of germs that Lysol claims that it can't seem to kill. He is the cockroach of the NFL, if there were a nuclear holocost, only SPAM and Brett Farve would survive. So I have this to say to Mr. Farve: come the hell on man, just let it be. Why can't you just stay down. They're plenty of other stuff you can be doing. Hell, look at Troy Aikman and his crap job at color commentating games on Fox Sports, it's like if John Madden had taken a crap and given it a mic. I'm sure that you can do a better job than that. Just promise me one thing Brett. Next time you retire, stay effin' retired.

And then there's just about a rant for almost every other NFL QB out there too so to keep it brief as this is getting way too long as it is, let me just summarize how I feel in this paragraph before I close. I see practically no real talent in quarterbacks now a days. There's no passion out there on majority of them playing now only with a few acceptions such as McNabb (because I'm an E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! fan and I do see that he wants to be in it until he retires); the Manning brothers (c'mon they're like the first family of football, the posterboy for backyard football); and possibly Rothlesburger (the only good QB that Pittsburgh had since Terry Bradshaw). Other than that, not much in my opinion. Maybe as the season starts, my view would change but as of now, it's crap.

So in closing (finally), I just wish that there were some good things to say about quarterbacks nowadays versus how it was back in the say. I still remember how Randall Cunningham perfected the scramble and the short QB runs for first downs, how Dan Marino was the only good thing that the Dolphins had (and still hasn't had much of any goodness since), and how greatness could come in such a form as a Cowboys jersey with Aikman, about the only good thing that Dallas had produced. ( nllm mlln = both middle fingers in the air). Where have those days gone. Is it only in existance as color commentary on Fox NFL Sunday pregame show? Is it on ESPN's Monday Night Football booth? (Shout out to Jaws, another allstar Eagle QB). I just don't know except that it ain't out on the field like it's supposed to be.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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