Thursday, September 10, 2009

When two passions merge, pt 3

So this has been bugging me since I've started this about two months ago. Music and videogames is like peanut butter and jelly, two completely different things that are part of a complete good. But sometimes, we need a little marshmallow fluff to go with our peanut butter. That's all that I ask for, a little variety. But nowadays it seems like when someone thinks of music and videogames their pea-sized, narrow-minded brain routes them to either Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Sure, they're the big names in videogames now when it comes to what they're truly classified genre is called "rhythm based games"*, but it seems like the current reincarnations of such is just a constant rehashing of their big start and now it's getting to become mediocre.

It seems like that since the first Guitar Hero came into the picture, it unleashed all of our inner rock guitarist out in the open. Those who couldn't play a chord to save their life are now posting their high scores as viral videos on YouTube. People that couldn't spell Metallica was breaking out cans of whoop-ass playing "One" on expert, causing guitar enthusiasts like myself to drop their jaw in saying "WTF?!?" Basiclly its a self esteem booster that turns people with little or no talent in playing guitar to an icon in their own eyes. It makes posers out of anyone that plays it. And worst of all, those that can play guitar like myself (ok so I play bass, but it's essentially the same principle here) it is very disorientating on how to control that towards what you want to do naturally, slide to different frets on the fretboard. A very big annoyance if I do say so myself. And this argument had been said and done; beaten to death already, yada yada yada. It still grips the hell outta me. And now with the addition of faux bass, drums, and karaoke from hell, it's just got ri-friggin-diculous.

And it's not getting any better with the incorporation of all these epic expansions such as Beatles Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour, and other specialized instruments of torture for the musically retarded. Sure the novelty seems like it's peeking still and no sign of it dropping, but c'mon, it's not any different then the novelty of karaoke in a sake bar awaiting the hangover of spirits and sushi-mi. And besides, it's not like that's the only music based game that's out there. There's DanceDance Revolution, Karaoke Revolution, WiiMusic**, hell, DJ Hero was introduced at E3 lest we forget. So much other options but not as much of a cult following as to the big two. And why not if you can choose between a Gibson Flying V or Paul McCartney's bass.

Since I'll try to keep this short and not to look like I'm forcing angst over this too much, I like them. They're a fun break versus the same old doldrums of FPS and MMOs that are out there. And don't get me wrong, I love those too, and I'm also a musician to boot and if I can't feel like I play it, then it's pretty much wack to me. But then again just like music, I'm always competitive when it comes to videogames as a whole. So until next time, I'll be playing in my own rock band...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

*And just for a side note, in my opinion the first true rhythm based game has to be Simon way back in like the 80's. That was hardcore.
**And another side note I think that the most innovation when it comes to musicgames has to be WiiMusic. But they're still reasons why it suck. First of all it's lack of variety to what you can truly do with the wiimote, and second, the fact that you still look like a complete douchebag waving your wiimote controlling those miis in a symphony. Just my (and many others) opinion.

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