Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State of the Union is...

As many of us in the US watched as of when I'm posting this yesterday (as in a few hours ago) with the President's State of The Union Address, we had our stands on what to expect, what to make of how the shape of our nation is, and a plan of what state the nation will be in Pres. Obama's standpoint. It was a time of analyzing and critiquing of just about every aspect to it's nooks and crannies. And this post isn't any different. This is just my reaction to it, as well as speaking about possibly some collateral damage that might have stirred up from my thoughts. I tried to gather my thoughts as logically as I could while the address was being broadcast, so if I seem to scatterbrain around too much; remember these two things: 1) I am not a political analyst in any way shape for fashion, and 2) It's just my reaction to it all, my opinions, my reasoning of it. Don't get so bent outta shape over it.

So one of the first things he try to tackle is the economy. Sure, seems like a reasonable start since we're a capitalistic nation trying to dig our way out of a recession that that green-eyed topic should be first, right?!? In my opinion, it's in the crapper, floating, mixed in with a couple of corn kernels that haven't been digested properly and a peanut from 3 days ago. Currently that's where it is, and his solution, spending freeze in federal spending that's not associated with the military (which won't start until 2011 which is BS, it should start immediately.) Another was taxes... ooh, such a nasty word. But taxes is how the government operates. He wanting to tax the living crap out of those big businesses and banks that had received bailout money and using it for bonuses. For that I have to agree, because if they can afford bonuses, they can afford the higher taxes. I wasn't for the bailout anyways. Also in relation to the economy is the unemployment. He kinda tip-toed on that since when he first took office, it was high; but since then it's in the double digits. It's hard, I should know (mainly because I'm still in job limbo here.)

Another heated topic was health care. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall anything in his campaign promises about dealing with health care. So why mess with it?!? Because it's a left winged agenda that has been in the back burner and now (as in the past few months) is it really heated up. But there was something that was in his campaign that was promoted but never followed though. Military troops in Afghanistan to be pulled by 2010. Well, it's 2010 and guess what?!? WHERE WAS THE STAND YOU WERE PROMOTING BACK IN '08. I just don't see it

But in the spirit of military, and the protection of our great nation, there were a few things that were good to hear. Such as the US and 44 other countries securing nuclear weapons over the next four years and pretty much blackballing those that don't comply (North Korea.) As well as addressing the faults within our own homeland security such as borders, kudos for that one. Although, I could have gone all night without him doing as what I dreaded he might have done, pulling out a play from the lefty playbook that we haven't seen since Slick Willie was in office, he's trying to repeal the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Sorry, but I feel very ill about that as well as other rights they deem to want. But that's another post...

And yes, he even talks about humanitarian efforts abroad. That's right, Haiti and the earthquake that hit it, as well as building up other countries from their state. I'm all for humanity, but OUR GOVERNMENT should be imposing in that, or at least shouldn't be investing so much money and manpower to them. We have our own to take care of. We have impoverished people living within our city streets and countrysides. It's a crying shame that we can send so much to someplace that probably wasn't all that different that when whatever event that led us to go there and help, while IN THE MIST OF A F'N RECESSION; we have citizens going cold and hungry that is being totally ignored. Leave the humanitarian aid to the humanitarians such as missionaries and the Red Cross; and do what government is supposed to do, help and protect those homebound first.

So that's my rant on the 2010 State of The Union Address. As you might have figured out, I had very conservative values on what was happening during the address. But in fact, I'm can bend on some things. And all I want from this is to breathe a little fresh air on the matter and see if maybe any of those commitments might happen. Well, the good and moral commitments that is...

And as I said, I'm not a political analyst in any means, just a passerby observing that had happened and what to make of it. And now that I got that off of my chest...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

P.S. I promise my next post will me a lot less serious, but this took precedence if you think about it...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WTF People!?! Muzak

I like music. Most kinds actually, my palette is really broad. But there’s just something about this genre that just rubs me the wrong way; muzak. Ok, in my opinion it’s the poor-man’s excuse of music sampling, and it’s really not just a genre than it’s a company, but let’s use the generic urban dictionary version of it for right now. In two words: it’s crap. In more than two words: well that’s why you’re still reading I hope…

It’s like it was only an epidemic in doctors offices and waiting rooms, but it’s everywhere now. I was shopping at Albertson’s with the wifie a while back and it hit me. This muzak isn’t like the others. It’s actual music (good news), but it was crappy music (bad news). I don’t do that top 40 stuff because honestly I hear that Sarah McLachlan “Angel” song way too much with that ASPCA commercial on Animal Planet and my father-in-law’s fandemonium over Celine Dion (not to say that I don’t respect the man, I do, but Celine Dion?!? (I don’t question it for good reason ;P )) It’s just not my cup of tea. As a kid I grew up with rap, funk, and oldies, as an adolescent I listened to rock, and now that I’m more mature (and thanks to the wifie) I do country and gospel music. Nowhere does that take into account of the B101 tripe that there is.

And it’s not just in the grocery stores, but it’s EVERY-FRIGGIN-WHERE!!! K-Mart (cause I’m black), fast food eateries where you dine in, and the unholy ground of hold music. Oh Lord, please help me, why hold music. Isn’t torture that I had to call the damn number, I have to listen to Rod friggin’ Stewart?!? It’s nails on the chalkboard; NAILS ON THE CHALKBOARD!!!

And I don’t know about you, but I think Toby Keith said it best: I ain’t as good as I once was // but I’m as good once, as I ever was. And man is that how I felt after my most recent trip to the mall. Which sucks because back in my day (I can see my hairs going gray as I’m writing) I used to be a mallrat. Every Friday I go to the mall and drop my paycheck in all sorts of crap that I probably didn’t need or could find for less. Nowadays, the mall is Greek to me. I feel like I’m the outsider looking in. Once something that was a part of me as the back of my hand is now like a wart that has been surgically lanced off. Ok, sorry about the disturbing picture there, but as always, I shoot from the hip.

Mainly what I’m ranting about is my recent experience in the food court. When the hell did they put music in the mall common areas, especially the food court. It’s supposed to be a quiet little nook where you can just eat and talk, and maybe eavesdrop at someone else’s conversation. Now, I couldn’t even here myself think. With their Disney-techno-teenybobber-bullshit they call music blaring out in the PA system over the eating area. (SARCASM WARNING me trying to speak about 4 octaves higher than normal): ”OMG, it’s like I couldn’t even keep my food in my mouth… like WTF!?!” Is that’s clear enough for your Jonas lovin’, overplayed payola song lovin’, brainwashed, tasteless emo bastards!!! At that point, I’m practically begging for some muzac to play… Seriously, I think that’s the reason why Apple made the iPod; because they foreseen this crap a-comin’.

So, that’s my rant; and I think a well deserved first WTF People!?! for the year. It’s been a long time coming for a WTF, and I hope that I can crank more of them in 2010 knockin’ them outta the park. So, I leave you with this… Keep a good song in your head, because you never know when some crappy song gonna replace what you already have playing. Unless it’s this…

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Rare Serious Moment

So it's been about a month (give or take a few days) since I've had been out of a job. Most people would feel depressed about the whole ordeal. And at first, yes, I was depressed. It sucks not working, having that income coming in, feeling like less of a man because you can't provide for your family. There's no other way to put it; I was depressed at first. But that old saying with that silver lining and all that jazz is true as well. I have tried many of things to relieve myself of my depression; and for the most part, it works. This is just me posting since it's been a while since I've done anything and, well, I figure that I could vent a little and keep up with my blog, I could kill two birds with one stone and show to people that there is light at the end of that tunnel.

One thing that I've learned was to love my family more. Now I don't mean just my wife and kids (that's a given…) but my extended family such as friends and those from church. Especially those from church; since I got let go, those from my church really helped out in a great way with moral support and prayers to find employment. Friends and colleagues from my past job helped as references for jobs that I was applying for. I feel that without them, it would have been ten times harder to cope and pick myself up from this mess.

Another thing is the fact that I've been more proactive in other things; mostly church related activities such as choir (which I started just before the holidays), helping more around the house, looking over homework assignments for my older boys (thank goodness it's only kindergarten and first grade work :P ), and updating myself professionally for those prospects that are there willing to hire me. As well as most importantly, having faith in time of need and being grateful for what I have; because honestly people, it could be a helluvalot worse.

Now at this moment, yes as I'm posting, I'm still unemployed, but at least I've put my foot in plenty of places that are great for my family. That's better that being deaf, blind, and dumb to everything. So hopefully those opportunities could come to fruition very soon.

So pretty much the main reason why I'm posting this is to say thanks for those that have supported me and my family in one way or another. Whether it be a job opportunity, prayer, moral support, whatever it may be. Thanks you, thank you for just being there to help in any way.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out…

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I am on my ass

It's safe to say that I am on my ass. Shortly after posting my last post of 2009, a surprising thing happened. Literally a few hours after posting, I was fired from my job. Two days before Christmas and they let me go. And no, this is not for blogging while at work, that had nothing to do with the bearing of why I was departed. But for reasons to be left undeclared (outside of a few personal contacts), my employer decided to sever ties. So my holiday gift from the good people of XYZ company (just to not put more fuel for the fire, but to vent after taking time to choose my words wisely); I am on my ass.

Trust me I was pissed off, livid, and all out ready to cause a scene, but I decided to take the high road and leave with my head held high. So I went home, told the bad news to the wifie, and she followed suite of what I was feeling from earlier for me. So as soon as that fiasco ended, I went to the interwebs and doing what I have been doing for the past few weeks to begin with. Looking for a new line of employment. To tell you the truth; I was unhappy with my job for the past few months, and even though I did not see this coming, was looking forward to put that ill place of servitude behind me. But this just put a jump start on what I wanted to do in the first place; because I was on my ass.

So I had something lined up for mid-January already, but I didn't want a break of employment before I took on that new position. But in the past almost two weeks, I've interviewed at two different representatives looking at my credentials and is awaiting opportunities if they at least meet or exceed what I was going to take later in the month. And even though it means that I'm strapped financially for a little while (at least for my final check they had the decency to give me holiday pay even though I didn't work Christmas Day, that was nice of them); I try to find a positive outlook on things of the sort. So I decided to make yet another bullet list, but this time, containing the good things of me being on my ass.
  • Spending family time with my wife and two oldest sons during Christmas break from school. We baked cookies, watched movies, and had a blast playing with all their new toys this year.
  • Time to reflect on getting new work. A benefit for that being that I was unhappy at my old job being stagnant for over two and a half years, as well as seeing if I could do better.
  • Got to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Pretty bad-ass if I do say so myself. The reviews don't give it enough justice.
  • I didn't have to wake up three hours before the butt-crack of dawn to go to a place that I dreaded.
  • Analyze my priorities that were important to me: Family, church, happiness, and all that good stuff.
  • Realize that my wife, being a housewife, has the hardest job of all. And I love her for it (yeah, I can get all cheezy and sentimental at times, it's called being good man to your woman).
And that's just off the top of my head. But for the mean time, I just ask that you keep me in thoughts and, hell, even pray for me; that I can get 2010 to a new dimension. And though I'm starting it out on my ass (see a trend here people), I'm certain that it'll be just fine. And since this might be my last post for a while while I concentrate on the obvious of important matters, I just like to say thanks to those that read whenever I post or just even stumble upon. Thanks. There, I said it. And I really meant it as well. And now it's time to get off my ass and do some good over here. Until next time...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...