Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Week of Calamities

This has been an exciting experiment this past week as I started my new shift at work. It seems that Murphy's Law was in full session all this week and I've had experienced the full farce of it. It had been a daily dose of calamities for the most part transitioning from night shift to day shift. All this with one looming question that comes before me: do I continue to strife through it or try to find a way to regain my once coveted night shift position. I just don't know. Maybe a day by day breakdown would help make this more clear to see what should I do to force myself to try and say that it was just a bad case of "Shift Happens".

By the way I'm basing this list on my work week, I work five days straight but what I call my Monday doesn't really resemble the day Monday, just my first day of my work week. Just to clarify...

Monday: I like to start by saying that working at a call center there has to be an influx of calls to come in. For some time there was an issue with my line of business receiving incoming calls as if it was bottlenecking and only a few were coming in at the time. So I've been taking other line of businesses calls. But they fixed that problem, a little too well, because instead of bottlenecking, it was a tidal wave of calls from my line of work that came in and I had to troubleshoot. I mean MacGyver don't even fix stuff this well. It caught not only myself but everyone from my department off guard and we were standing there (well sitting in our cubicles) avant garde to the situation. By the way, the wave of calls would last all week. Great for business, bad for someone that was once used to a tricke now experiencing the heavens pour down upon him.

Tuesday: A nice part of my work is that I have a roaming profile that can be taken from computer to computer so that if somehow someone had taken my seat from the prior day I don't have to worry about starting from scratch. This only works if the profile on said network actually works. I went to a different computer (because unlike night shifts there's actually a lot of people that work, not just two or four) and my profile didn't move with me. I had spent the better part of the first thirty minutes of my shift trying to find a computer that would load my profile, but there wasn't one. So I sent a ticket to IT and had to find my profile from our shared server before even doing my job.

Wednesday: Same thing from yesterday as I was waiting for IT to resolve my profile issue, because now it wasn't even loading my profile on the computer that I'm used to be on. Add that to the fact that the night before there was a thunderstorm because of the monsoons that occurs this time of year in Arizona. That storm had sprung a leak over my bed and in the middle of the night me and my wife had to move all of our bedroom every which way so that we wouldn't get soaked. We're still waiting for the roofers to repair the leak above before we can fix the ceiling. Add that to the fact that I had to wake up an hour later just to get ready to take the bus for work because my wife needs the car to transport the kids to and from school plus other errands.

Thursday: I just don't get it. Why is all this crap happening to me all this week. My alarm did not go off and I was an hour late getting to work. Simple enough. Luckily my seven-week-old son woke me up crying for food and the wifie took care of that. The only saving grace of my Thursday, IT finally resolved my roaming profile issue so that I can pull up all my tools and whatever without trying to search for it within our shared servers.

Friday: I can't friggin' believe it. I guess I had to take all the crap in the beginning (and by beginning I mean most of the week) to get to a decent day. I think it's either the transition of sifting through all that bull just to get to a decent day was a trial of patience, diligence, and most of all, sticking to a new routine. That and that it was my Friday and I could look forward to my weekend. Oh Happy Day!!!

So as I enjoy my weekend, I'm posting this for a reminder that change is hard, change can be good, and most of all, change always happens. It's all on how someone handles the change is what makes whatever result that comes with them. I just hope that next week, it would be a helluva lot easier than how this week was now that I got my toes wet.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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