Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A helluva week

Damn. I'm beat. I mean I can't be possibly anymore beat down that I think that I can be now and still able to write in my blog. I have been dealing with personal and professional crap all this past week and leading into this and next week. Two worlds colliding to an epic cataclysm. To put it so that I don't stir up more controversy and possibly leak any confidential information from my employer, I'm just gonna give it a brief rundown of what is becoming the bane of my existence.

So let's start in the beginning. I have been very active with prior engagements (outside of this blog) with my church and my family. My wife and I had been working with Children's Church on Sundays as well as lending our services with our bus ministry to help them outreach to people by providing them transportation to and from their homes to attend church services. We love to give our all when it comes to matters of our faith, beliefs, and ministry. We try to do what we can with what resources we can offer. We are also sending our two oldest boys, Blaine and Skyler, to their Christian School this upcoming year and preparing them for the year to come in that their curriculum is more advanced than some of the public and private schools in our area. Our boys were accepted out of our good faith and works to our church. But what has happened in the past week and in the near future could cause such tragedy in future endeavors.

In the past week, there had been a shift bid for everyone in my department to change their shifts to meet company needs. I had the unfortunate luck of getting a shift that is not going to work with my family life nor my church commitments. This totally blows, especially since the new shifts don't take into effect this upcoming Sunday, during a month that me and my wife are obligated to run Children's Chruch for each Sunday of the month. It could not happen in a worse possible time having this shift change. From my past postings you know that I've recently became a dad again with our infant, Logan. And to sum thing up, without ranting for hours on end, the new schedule would have put my entire family life in jeopardy. This means no time for family meals or any family time, no church, no anything. And wouldn't you know it, that's what happened at first. But with a little fighting with those in power (more like carefully phrased deliberations that took roughly all week to accomplish because honestly I like making a living and having food and a roof for my family), I've managed to achieved a schedule that would work for both my church and family lives.

In fact, I'm posting this just mere moments before I have to go to work because it's the only time that I have to work on my blog. So for a status update I might not be able to post my normal minimal of three days a week on here, but I'll try hard as hell to meet with that commitment as well. Consider this my 'sorry if you missed me and now you know why' post. Anyways, I'm off to seek the crack of dawn and do my duties that warrants me to have a forty hour week. Until next time (hopefully later this week).

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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  1. I understand that life has it inconveniences but from what I just heard. You have a loving wife, beautiful kids, a home, and a job. This actually places you in the top 25% of the world's WEALTHIEST people. Be thankful that god has been so generous and be thankful you can able to see God's creation of a new day. Yes, life does have its inconveniences, so don't anything for granted. ~God Bless~