Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kudos to the wifie

I might poke fun and all that other stuff to my wife, but really she's a gem.  Without her I wouldn't know what to do with myself or my family.  She is truly the glue that holds us together. The wifie is more than just my spouse and the mother of my boys, shes the figurehead when I'm not home.  She handles all household relations that are just too overwelming for me because of my workload.  I couldn't exist (well, sanely) without her.

She does so much for keeping the family together, I'll try to keep the list short for purposes of if I keep bragging we'll be here all night.  She's teacher for the older boys because we believe that homeschooling them is best for their morale and the one-on-one interaction with their teacher is more than most students get.  She's personal chef to the fam from everything from simple sandwiches to gourmet 3 course meals.  Great in keeping order with the boys when they become rabble-rousey and what not.  She's the law when I'm not around, and together we keep order in this house.  But she's more than just mother to my sons, but my dear and lovely espousa.

Ideally she's the love of my life.  The only one that would put up with my crap on a daily basis. She's loving in all of my mistakes; and there's plenty of them, and forgiving of my shortcomings.  Sure I provide the bacon in the house, but she's the one that cooks the bacon and even put syrup on my plate for dipping.  By that yeah, I mentioned the cooking, but she handles all the heavy lifting in the house while I'm not here.  And the only things that heavy besides my fat-ass is my bank account (or at least it is before she's finished with the bills.)  Sure I could handle it but I rather live with her handling it versus the ulcers I would get by looking into the stacks and stacks of debt I've taken.  Mainly she's my earthly rock and my spiritual compass to remind me when I'm straying away from a righteous path.  I don't always say the right things and do the right thing, but without her, I wouldn't have as much restraint as I do now.

So in closing, this is just my public way of saying "I love ya, babe!!!"  You're everything I want in a woman and I just hope that someday I could be everything in a man for you.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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