Friday, July 17, 2009

Ellipses, and the people that uses them

I admit, I am guilty of using ellipses. And in case you don't know what they are, they are generally the three periods at the end of a trialing sentence that indicates it being a run on sentence. Or to put it more simply this (...) is an ellipse. I use it all the time when casually texting, IMing, or writing a casual email. It works for me because that's my personality, if you give me something to talk about, I'll go on and on and on... See I just did it again. I'm so friggin' bad at that.

But what gets me is those that don't follow that grammar rule. The rule of ellipses is to you three periods (...), just that and no more. But sometimes I see those in live chat applications utilizing what I consider ultimate ellipses (............................., etc.) It irks the hell outta me. That's just uncalled for in my opinion. I mean that's just the biggest annoyance that I can possibly think of whenever I'm reading someone's message on a board, forum, or even through a direct message. That too me shows lack of compassion to what you really want to say or just other plain disgrace in the form of electronically written mediums.

That's just about as bad as those jackholes that type IN ALL CAPS (note: only for example purposes in the particular reference of all caps that I just typed.) That's pisses me off too. The significance of typing in call caps is to express excitement or exclamation. Typing in all caps in written medium is practically the same as screaming in ones ear at point blank range. It's annoying, it's a stupid thing to do, and I don't like it. (Note: example purposes again here); WOULDN'T THIS JUST ANNOY THE PISS OUTTA YOU IF YOU HAVE TO READ EVERY SINGLE WORD IN CAPS THROUGHOUT A 350 WORD MESSAGE? I know I would be very discouraged to continue such conversation like that. It's total bs and should be outlawed. The next person I find that try to type in all caps is going to get an all caps punch in the face by my very real fist. I don't mean a nasty letter, just a direct 'caps lock on me will ya' punch in the face.

I just want to see some messaging etiquette here from my peers. It's not too much to ask. A little less over-ellipsing and a lot less caps-lock-whoring is not to much to ask I think. And just so I don't get any flak on this one, I know about my signature at the end of all my postings 'BootLeG sampler.. signing out...' and the use of only two periods for 'BootLeG sampler.' That's totally different, in the fact that that is how I write down my handle on paper. The actual design, which I'll probably upload as my main banner instead of the text seen currently soon, will show how I write the design of the signature. The BootLeG sampler.. signature has those two periods out there not for any real reason like being a semi-ellipse signifying that although I may ramble, I end short of making an eternity of it; or that it's a continuation of how I acquire inspiration from others and hope to pass it on to complete the ellipse. It's just the design that I made for the original handwritten signature/autograph of how the BootLeG sampler.. Just how like the B,L, and G really don't mean much either, it's part of the signature. Although, now that I've written what I've just did for the ellipses; I wonder if I could use that as why my signature is the way it is... Na, I have my personal integrity to uphold.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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