Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If it's in HD, I'll watch it

That is the cold honest truth. I am an HDTV whore. If it's shown in at least 720p than I'll pretty much put it on my living room. I'll admit; at first I didn't really understand the whole new high definition revolution. Sure it was cool, but it was way too expensive. But I finally caved in and about 9 months ago I was amazed. I knew of how great it was from my friends (mainly playing either XBox 360 or PS3) and every time I went window shopping with my family. But I can tell you my friend from personnel experience, that having it in your house is a totally new game. I love whatever is on it and I can't seem to get enough of it.

I'm amazed of how many things are available in HD. I don't even have cable (or satellite for that matter, that's what friends are for, lol) and just picking up all the digital over-the-air signals are great; even thought I've posted on that already. But what I'm talking about is some of the things that I find myself watching in high definition. Some of which does makes sense, but others are just odd for a grown man to be watching.

One thing I never thought would be more interesting was local news. I'm actually more interactive in local happenings and current events due to news channels showing their broadcasts in HD. It's wonderful how clear it is seeing an birds eye view of a fire in progress or the weather being shown. I never felt that connected before and the only thing that I can think that attributed to this was my HDTV. Another thing that I currently enjoy is watching certain syndicated shows, not just re-runs. I loved watching 'Jeopardy!' before, but now I curse myself if I miss a day of it. Hell I even started watching 'Wheel of Fortune' again and Vanna White looks just as hot in high def as when she was young and hot twenty-some-odd-years-ago. And some syndicated re-runs of shows are shown in high def as well (at least where I'm at.) Shows like 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and 'Two and a Half Men' weren't on my list of must see TV, but are now things that I try to watch for a quick snippet of humor now that they're shown in HD. Even the 'Price is Right' is awesome to watch. My only regret on that is that it's friggin' Drew Carey and not Bob Barker. But with high def still in an infantile stage for most television viewers, you just have to take what you can get.

Which brings me to some more of the things that I find myself watching because its in high def. If you have children and actually give a damn on what they watch on television, than you might be able to relate. My kids watch a lot of educational programming and there's this show called Wordgirl. It's the only show on my PBSkids lineup that I know of that is shown in HD; and I submit myself to watching it because it's in HD. Essentially it's an animated cartoon about a super heroine that is very linguistic. But me being the HD junkie, I'm friggin hooked to it, it works! That's my pledge to all those dads that don't spend too enough time teaching their kids values; more HD educational and moral programming. You might learn something and, I dunno, bond with your children!?! What a concept...

But as we all know, HDTV was meant for us guys that loves to see guy stuff. And since I know that my wife is reading this, I AM OWNING THE TV ALL DAY SUNDAY FOR FOOTBALL!!! No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Football is awesome, it is meant to be seen with the utmost clarity. You can have your NASCAR (which I enjoy as well, lovez ya babe), your gymnastics, your equestrian riding, your whatever non-football sport that you have to watch, but I own it for football. No I am not foaming at the mouth, yet; but it is destiny that I shall be one with the gridiron. So I'll lay down a few guidelines. If your team is on, I'll give you superseding rights to watch your team (lose) over mine. If it's a game that I'm not interested in, you can have control until the next game of interest. And finally, there shall always be a cold beer near by. This is my offer, take it or leave it (please take it, that couch really sucks monkey nuts.)

But really, all sports are pretty damn awesome in high def. It gives the smack-in-your-face feel of being there, and that's to include all of the previous mentioned sports as well as professional wrestling. I know it's fake, but damn does it look awesome. Some other things that look awesome is graphic intense prime time shows such as CSI, NOVA, Law and Order, and even some of those reality shows like Big Brother. I like my HDTV, a lot (now I'm foaming at the mouth.) And I'm just talking about television programming in HD, not anything about Blu-Ray or videogames, or other media outlets that can be viewed in high def. Maybe another rant, but for now I think we need to rest. If you need me, I'll be waiting for Antiques Roadshow to come on, in high definition of course.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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  1. Oh really, you own the TV on Sundays? Well suppose I decide to OWN the Wii on Saturdays, or OWN the BED ALL WEEKEND, or OWN the refrigerator and everything in it on Sundays? Care to revise your Ownage dear? Perhaps we could work out a deal for your WISH to watch football? Loves you too!