Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't forget what lyrics?

In an earlier post I written about how certain theme songs are epic with and without lyrics to them. But what if they did have lyrics, all of them. That would be pretty sweet. But only if the lyrics truly represented the show. I hope that this would at least stir some stimulation to the idea that that would be either hilarious or just plain awesome. So I'm compiling a list of shows that could benefit for some help from a disembodied voice.

1) Bobby's World: I mean c'mon it has to be the sleeper cartoon of the 80's and 90's. Fox had a goldmine and if they could have Howie Mandel do the theme in Bobby's voice, that would be epic. Here's a sample line from an improved theme... "De de de, I'm a kid on a trike//de de de, I have a really big head..."

2) Seinfeld: Truly, it doen't need a theme, and it doesn't even have a theme per say. It's just a random jazz bass riff and some scatting that what it opens to. But it's true theme song is at it's ending credits, at which you can play at any part of the show seriously. Think about it, a theme that could potentially last the entire show, c'mon?! "This is a show about nothing, and we make big bank//and this song is played at the end, because we're that bad ass"

3) M.A.S.H.: I've already talked about it in my last theme lyrics post, but still, it would rock if it had it's own lyrics for the series versus just having some morbid message of suicide for the M.A.S.H. movie. It would be a nice uplifting comedy of errors that should suffice for the lyrics on M.A.S.H. because the show itself was a comedy of errors. "Why the hell this war's still going//it's been eleven seasons//and is Klinger ever gonna get away"

4) C.O.P.S.: I know, what's with all these acronyms. Well, C.O.P.S. was a show on CBS Saturday morning cartoon lineup that took place in the then future with this bad ass half cyborg cop that was more or less like a cross between RoboCop and Lawrence Fishburne. Classy, but lacking a good theme; all it did was repeat it's title name kind of how like Eek the Cat did in its theme. Repetitive and lame. So here's my take on it... "We're off to kick some cyber ass//C.O.P.S.//C.S.I. ain't got crap on me//C.O.P.S."

5) Beetlejuice: It's just that epic. A sick and twisted tale about a goth girl and her friends in some sort of bizarro limbo world. That and it came from Tim Burton. The only thing missing from it is lyrics to make it a grand opus of cartoondom. "Beetlejuice//he is one//sick little//demented person//oh no here come a huge sandworm//he chasing us oh W.T.F.//this some twisted stuff that Tim was smokin up"

So that's my rant on only some of the shows that could benefit from some theme lyrics. I hope you like where this was going and if you want more insight on where that idea came from, just follow the link here to That Guy With The Glasses and you'll find out. And no this is not a paid promo, it's me just being a huge fan of the sight.

I'm The BootLeG sampler.. and I approve this message, I mean, signing out...

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