Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lots O' PS3 news

First I just want to thank Screwattack and Hard News for bringing this info to the masses in an informative (and I use that term loosely) mean. I enjoy going to Screwattack's site and getting my viral videogame fix. I just wish that I was in Dallas to be part of SGC this year. That would have been epic. Well, at least I got the chance to name their new retail videogame store.

So onwards to what I want to talk about on this post; the Playstation 3. I want one so bad, and yes, I'm a gamer that don't own a PS3. I have lots of expenses behind the scenes that needs to be dealt with before throwing down $400 for the best blu-ray player money can buy. And I say it's the best because it's a game console for crying out loud. What made the Playstation 2 dominate over Sega's Dreamcast, the ability to play DVD's back in 2001 that's what. And I'm not afraid to admit as a die hard Sega fanatic that that was the company's downfall as far as competing in that generation's console war. (Crap I'm going off topic, better start a new paragraph to get back on...)

The Playstation 3 when it first came out had backwards compatibility to it's predecessor's games, the Playstation 2 and the original Sony Playstation. We all rejoice because in this generation's console war, a big issue was backwards compatibility between older systems, the PS2 had it with all PS1 games and so on. But then it took a turn for the craptacular in that later models of the PS3 would drop PS2 compatibility. It still kept it for the PS1 but that drove some gamers that haven't purchased the console (like myself) towards their competitors, Microsoft's Xbox 360 that was backwards compatible to most of the original Xbox's titles and the infamous Nintendo Wii (same deal with it's Gamecube games.) That was a crap move on Sony's part. Sure systems still sold, but not as much in my opinion. Now news is surfacing that they're trying to produce an emulator engine for the current processors that are in the PS3's to make them run PS2 games once again. This beacon of light is great because its a software emulation versus with the first batch of PS3's and how they did it was that they put in an emulator chip that played PS2 games (thus the high price mark.) With this rumor, maybe it would drive sales of PS3's like free money spewing out of a broken ATM.

Second for the next tidbit of Sony info was rumors of the PS3 slim. The reasoning behind that is with all of Sony's consoles in time they slimmed down to be more streamlined and not a friggin' behemoth in your living room or game room. That tactic worked for it's PS2 and PS1 and many people just don't like the fact that currently the PS3 looks like a $400 George Foreman Grill. So it seems that now they're trying to manufacture PS3 slims to be available later this year. There have been pictures of what the PS3 slim might look like and each incarnation is different from the last. It's a true enigma on if this would come out and if so, would it also share the same fortune as being backwards compatible again (if that rumor holds up as well.)

All of this I'm definitely hope for would be true so this way I can finally convince my wife on allowing us to have a Playstation 3 at home. So far, her main gripe about the PS3 was at first it's too expensive. Currently her main gripe is it's not backwards compatible to the PS2 and I don't want to have a console that is not going to let me play the games I'm currently playing for so much money. I can definitely understand her stance on this one. But as a gamer, I want the PS3 because it's the friggin' PS3. Why the hell not don't you want it! But I'm not about to go and pick a fight on that one because I'd know where that would end; and it ain't pretty folks. So I ask of these rumors; please don't tease me. Let this be the real deal here. That is what I (and I think a lot of gamers would think) would call a win-win situation. There's not much more to say for now except "Please babe, the PS3 its a good thing to have."

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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