Saturday, May 30, 2009

Social Networking and other internet escapes

So today I'm going to talk about how we (or at least from my experiences since this is a blog and all) try to find a way to identify and escape the mundane on the internet. There are a slew of things out there now from forums, social networking sites, blogging (yeah, that's right), vlogging, streaming audio and video; and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm not even about to go into the gaming side of things (at least in depth) when it comes to broadband console gaming, internet gambling services, and MMORPGs. This is just trying to keep it short, simple, and to the point.

(Old fart moment coming up.) Back in my day (1990's) we only had IM services and chat rooms. You wanted more, you go and make time and get the hell out and meet up with friends. Of course with me, my friends and I usually either played video games or practice in jam sessions with our instruments. We didn't have YouTube or MySpace, and you were damn lucky if you even had a webcam and another friend to talk to with a webcam over an IM through a dial-up connection (56 kbps = fail.) I'm just saying that sometimes I look back and see all this advancement; sure it's good and all and I'm an addict to it (you're reading my blog,right) and see that where's some of the personal interaction. Is are life so damn hectic that we can only interact via tweet and postings? C'mon, live a little. Go out and have yourself a good time, with people.

Such a simple concept, who know that it could catch on so much. I mean, we're even to the point of there's advertisements on Nickelodeon to tell kids to go outside, but the funniest thing about that is that there's a website that they can go on to find activities that they can do outside. WTF is that all about?!? Is is too much effort to use your brain to come up with a rousing game of 'tag' or 'red light, green light?' I mean I lived in a concrete jungle as a kid, no parks at least within walking distance from my house (for a six year old that is) and I've found time playing tag, hide and seek, and the occasional bike race on the sidewalk all the time. Now my kids, all they wanna do is play the Wii or go to and play there. Sure it's fine and on occasion and pending good behavior I let it happen, but I sure find time to let them be boys and wrestle on the floor, swim in the pool, or even go to the park and fly a kite. When did we become sedimentary.

Now that was just a rant about kids, don't even get me started on what we've become (and yes I'm guilty for it to so this isn't finger pointing, it's ranting, no blame on anyone.) We got a slew of networking sites for our friends, family, favorite things online and other stuff.

It even gotten to the point of where they're dating services out there to find someone else for our own personal Lonely Hearts Band. Why? Why did we get ourselves so lost into this that we have nothing to do but sign in and post a little thingy out for the world to see. Not that it's wrong, just that it's excessive. A whole friggin lot of it out there and I'm just like jaw dropped to the floor.

My wife is active in three different forums, myself barely active in 1 but not in depth. Both of us have Facebook accounts, in fact, she's the one that wanted me to create one after she made one for herself. And don't get me started on facebook, how many different apps can you cram into a site where it's man purpose was to gather friends and family for updates on their lives. Social networking is making it so hard to physically socialize that there only purpose is to make a virtual landscape and gather people together in one big old, well, gathering. Good concept, but not for a session of 24/7 constant updating crap, just to post an idea or two and then come back later. I mean, c'mon you gotta get some breathing room out there.
And the same can be said about bloggers and twitters, get a grip and let it be. It's not gonna go away, but you need to just take a breather sometime and let some fresh air in your system (that doesn't mean to take you laptop, iPhone, Blackberry, whatever to Starbucks and use their wi-fi sitting outside sipping on some Tazo either.)

And then theres multimedia snippits. Now I'll admit, that's my guilty pleasure. I frequent these places because it appeals to me. But I don't go and waste hours on end over there. I find what's new and then comment and leave. Maybe come back and see any replies on my comments, but that's about it. It's good and all, but I don't waste my day (unless I'm laid up sick at home and no way of getting outta my bed) and just devour all that is there. There's only so much crap that you can take in before you explode. Take it one at a time and then, once again, breathe. Simple, right?

Now, maybe in a future post I'll talk about internet poker (another vice of mine), WoW, and the ridiculous price of a 12 month subscription to X-Box live, but that's another day. What's needed now is for me to take a break. Back next week with more insightful ramblings.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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