Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

So there has been a lot of things that I wanted to talk (rant, whatever) about over the past few days. So much that it as been hard set to set just one thing for itself when I have so many things on my mind to voice about, so I'll just break it down to three things at this time and listed under Good, Bad, or Ugly.

So lets start off with the good. PUNCH-OUT for the Wii. So awesome, so can't wait to get it. It's about time that the Wii puts out some great games that are exclusive to it (the first of this wave of awesomeness happens to be Madworld.) I can't wait to go and get my hands on it. There's unlockable difficulty levels depending on how you play the game and the reviews of it seems to be on the positive side. But that's all opinion based too and in my opinion, PUNCH-OUT is a knock-out.

Another good thing is the fact that I'm finally getting well adjusted to my new shift, being overnights and all. All thanks to managing sleeping time schedules and working around what, when, and where I can sleep. Since I take the bus to commute to work, not because I don't drive or don't have a car but because I prefer to let my wife have the car in case of emergencies, that I have to work on breaking down my sleep. A few hours once I'm home and during my bus trips to and from work. And I'll tell ya, that's enough to get the juices flowing for whatever may come.

Now for the bad. Getting burned by what I thought were suppose to be my friends really starting to piss me off. Me and my wife have a couple of friend that what we thought were really close. Then all of a sudden, they started acting like jackasses and stop talking. They go though this in and out phase from time to time and there would be a time where they would need our assistance and we would bend over backwards to help. But when it's the other away around and we ask for their assistance or just to try and hang out, they're total jerks about it and don't even want to acknowledge us. They even gone to the point of stealing friends (which had no prior relations to them) from us. That's bullshit. In my opinion, they're users and abusers and I don't need that kind of rubbish in my life. Life's too short to deal with the drama of others, and they'll realize that they have loss a truly valuable asset in their lives.

Finally, we've gotten to the part of the ugly. This is just random crap that I've either wanted to talk about or will eventually publish later. Remakes of childhood products: so they've done Transformers, Batman, G.I. Joe, and now in production of Thundercats, I wonder, where the hell is He-Man!?! Another thing is that I'm really into gaming and the debate of whether to play mames of classic game titles online from certain websites or playing DLC on a console. Also in that respect, the stand on modding consoles versus building gaming computers, what is the benefit of such in a point-counterpoint debate.

This is just some of the thoughts that I've had and wanted to get off of my chest. The good, the bad, and the ugliness that is BootLeG'd Ramblings.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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