Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ramblin' Man

This being the first of many posts on this blog, I think that I should lay down certain things to clarify what to expect out of this. First off, this blog represents what the BootLeG sampler.. really is all about, random thoughts and emotions that are collaborated to make a logical sense of what is happening around my life. I for the most part will speak as if I am the BootLeG sampler.. because for the most part I am.

A little about myself. I like to consider myself a starving artist, a elitist-novice if you will. Mostly in the realm of music and cartooning. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and some of my characters have intensive back stories in which I hope to self-produce into a comic book of some sort. I've even have gone to the extent of creating storyboards for individual issues of multiple story arcs for my characters. I hope to share some of those with you in later posts with artwork to boot, but that's for later. My other passion is music. I have been very influenced in music in my entire life. I have a special flair for rock music, although I do dabble into other genres now and then. I have been writing my own lyrics since I was about 15-16-ish and haven't stopped. I'm also very proficient in the bass guitar in which I have been playing for over ten years at this point. I have over 100 songs in my own personal catalog that maybe I'll present to you all in later postings.

Now, you're probably wondering either, why the hell do I call myself the BootLeG sampler.. instead of any other alias or even my real name. For one, I like the spirit of being anonymous in this persona. Sure if you got to this from a personal link in one of my social networking sites, then that blows the purpose of anonymousness out of the water, but for those who don't, well, you just have to chalk it up. As for the name, BootLeG sampler.., I'll at least let you all in on that. There are actually two variants to this story, the first one stems from a song I wrote in high school. It was entitled BooLeG sampler.. and I wasn't quite sure at the time where or how I got the title for that song, but it became the song that pretty much defined me. It was at the time my favorite in my catalog and I've even presented the song in written performance for an assignment in English class in high school. Some of my friends really liked it and it stuck as a nickname for myself, BootLeG sampler.. The second part of this is what I can only describe as a setup in the subconscious level. One day I brought my old gaming console to my friends house to play, it was a Sega Saturn (btw, I'm a big fan of anything Sega.) And with the console was a demo disc that contained preview and playable demos of games for that system, aptly titled 'bootleg sampler.' Thus the origin of where I've gotten the name and how I've adapted to what my pseudo-self has become.

So this blog here to let you all know I will try to keep it not run downed with useless jibber-jabber and only post maybe three times a week. Trying to keep to a schedule to show my accounts and what the hell is on my mind at the time. For anyone wanting to ask for suggestions to put into posting, please comment. Hell, that's what it's there for, and I will read all or most of them, acknowledge it, and might even feature an idea or two from it in later postings.

But as for now, I'm signing off...

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