Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Football Season is Upon Us...

It's getting to be that time of year again, where the gridiron gets a fresh coat of chalk, bars are paying up their NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions for their cable or satellite customers, and fans are already talking crap to their friends and family about how their team is gonna rock this year. Yes, I'm talking about Football, and I'm loving it. The Draft just ended a few weeks ago and already there's a buzz in the office on what to expect this season. Me, I'm just counting the days for the preseason games to start so I could scout my Eagles over the rest of the NFC East and the entire league. This because of me being a native Philadelphian and all, plus I'm still a little bit sore about how the NFC championship game went last year when I had to suffer to the hands of Cardinal fans out here in Phoenix where I'm living right now.

And it wouldn't be a complete football season without office pools, bets, and of course the friendly neighborhood fantasy league that a few of us are joined up to. I log into my computer, sign into my mail, and I see info for a fantasy league to join, and how could I refuse pwning some schmuck each and every Sunday (and Monday, and sometimes Thursday) for the chance to bring up bragging rights and show up "who's the man."

So I ask of you all, unless you're living under a rock, you're not going to escape the juggernaut that is FOOTBALL SEASON 2009 and just embrace it like everyone else. And on a personal matter, I don't think that Michael Vick should be admitted back to the NFL. What he did was inhumane and should not be tolerated, so it's perfectly fine in my opinion that he is ostracized from the league. Plus, my opinion with Brett Farve, get off your ass and play already. If you're just gonna fart around debating to play or not, then get up or take up a sponsorship role for Aleve pain medication and wait for your shot to call some plays on national TV and get your own lineup of video game simulators. Hell, it worked for John Madden.

This is the BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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