Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer start, and lazy days

So Memorial day has come and passed and it's the 'unofficial' start of the summer season (in my opinion the summer season started two weeks ago during that 16 day stretch of 100+ temps. where I live, but that's besides the point), and this means lazy days for most people. Grilling, swimming, camping, fishing, and pulling hairs outta their heads cause their kids are home for the entire summer. Yeah, I'm all about that, but I'm also about remembering how we got to this point. The holiday that we all recognize as the start of the summer season but hardly commemorate what the holiday is truly about.

Memorial day is about remembering the fallen veterans of our armed services. Those missing in action and those that are continually serving and had served. Myself having enlisted four years in the United States Marine Corps have great respect for the men and women that are here and protecting us as well as for those who had. It's a crying shame that most people don't think of Memorial day as such. Instead they think of 'what deals can I get at Safeway for 100% angus burger patties' or 'who has the best deals on plasma HDTVs' or 'how crowded will my favorite spot on the lake going to be?' What have we all done to ourselves.... If we are to be so damn shallow, than why don't we just make up a holiday called "Lets be a Lazy Bum" Day. At least it'll be honest to their intentions.

That's just one of the things that I wanted to talk about. The other is that yes, summer is 'upon us' even though it's not summer until June 22 or 23, whatever, one of those days. And to have such fun is all good and all, but to have too much of it is just as bad. So I ask that hopefully (since Memorial Day is over) that everyone was safe and that the rest of their summer is safe and one helluva blast as well. Go fire up those grills, cannonball into the shallow end of the pool, wrestle that catfish down, but be careful. Also, remember what the hell these holidays are truly meant for. That is how you all got to this point of having such liberties.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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