Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whatever (and whenever) may come...

This is big. Really big. I'm talking about the soon expectant birth of my son, Logan. And this isn't the first time around the block for me, he's number three. But with all of them, I worry a whole friggin' lot in preparation and delivery of each and every one of their births. But in this predicament, I'm actually more nervous about my wife's well being than my new (or soon to be new) born.

So where do I begin. Well, first off my wife's due date is 'supposed' to be June 26 or 27 (I dunno it escapes me at the moment... sorry honey), but we're not even gonna come close to that date. I'm expecting possibly within the next week if we don't induce first. She came from the OB where the doc noticed that she was big and not just normal prego big. They measured her and the tape read off at 46 weeks! That was three days ago. Oh, and the OB said that she was 1cm dialated as well (*nausea kicking in at about that moment). Yesterday she went to the ultrasound place and they estimated the kid to be 8lb 14oz with a 2oz margin of error. HOLY CRAP THAT'S HUGE... I mean our two boys before were huge in their own right, but this one is like Moby-friggin-Dick. Plus there is like enough fluid in her uterus to fill up a pool for Michael Phelps to swim in. That actually is normal for my wife who tends to have a lot of fluids during our first two pregnancies. We're concerned that it might not come out natural because he's so big and have to go get a cesarean for this one. That's scary for both my wife and I cause I worry about her and well, going under the knife is no fun at all at any circumstance.

So I feel like I'm useless as a provider of protection and well being because there's nothing that I can do to help ease my wife from this. She'd been in pain for the past three weeks with shortness of breath cause of the baby and all that I could do is just sit there and watch, ask her if I could do even the most trivial, tedious, simple, and mondane tasks for her to put her at ease. And it hurts like hell that I can't do anything else for her. I just don't know, but I'm open for suggestions from anyone. I just don't know and I need to give not only myself (now that's not selfish at all is it) and my wife some solace.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...


  1. Awww...Honey, you do love me. Which I already knew...really I'm fine I just need to get to the end of this pregnancy and then all will be right with the world again and we'll be holding our precious baby boy! Love you!

  2. Yeah, I know... It's just that I always want to do more for you and I'll never stop trying...