Friday, June 12, 2009

Waiting, and the things we do while waiting

So here I am, just waiting for my newborn to arrive. I've already noted on a prior post about my wife's condition and how the baby is growing inside of her. Sure he's huge, and my wife is practically in tears just doing the most simplistic of tasks such as walking up the stairs. But that doesn't stop her OB from being a complete imbecile and not begin to induce labor. At this stage of her pregnancy, the baby is expected to grow about a pound a week, and any larger we might not be able to have him naturally through the birth canal. My wife is scared shitless of having a cesarean and I don't blame her one bit. The OB says that if by her next appointment (which in this case would be the upcoming Wednesday) if she hasn't began to start natural labor than that's what probably gonna happen. It's total BS in my opinion, but this late into her pregnancy, trying to find a doctor that's within our network that delivers in the hospital that we want to deliver in is totally out of the question and we feel powerless under this raving jackal's mercy. Man, that gets me so friggin' mad just thinking about it. So we've been trying to find ways to pass the time and try to forget about the whole ordeal.

One of which is that if we kept our minds busy, that'll stray our thoughts from the pain and agony that she is feeling while being uber-pregnant. So we picked up some of those variety puzzle books with the cryptograms, sudokus, kris-krosses, bowl-a-words, logic problems, and other signs of brain matter stimulation. Oddly enough, this method is truly effective (at least for my wife, I usually get pissed off when I'm stumped on a roadblock) and is a great way to make use of time well wasted. I totally recommend to someone if they haven't picked up one of those logic problem puzzles that they're truly missing out on some major cool stuff.

Another is, well, the internet. We've been adopting that practice a little more than normal to pass the time and vent with fellow cohorts on our forums and message boards. Sharing our trials and tribulations online has been quite the stress reliever during this time and it's also a practice that should be taken up. But just as a forewarning, please use sparingly, prolonged effects could be just as harmful as not getting on it as well, cause you're mind will go adrift and the angst of such pain could seep back and bite you in the butt.

Another thing is finding something that's out of the normal routine. Recently we've been catching up on both the Stanley Cup playoffs and NBA Finals (by the way, I'm hating the Lakers right about now) and have became engaged on what's happening between the two. It also helps that they're on during regular scheduled programing to stray away from what we've become accustomed to viewing. Another thing television related is to find syndicated programing that you would normally not view and give it a try. For the longest time, my wife wouldn't watch 'Two and a half Men' because she thought that because of the title that is was about two gay guys raising a kid. But in actuality; it's about two brothers (one of which recently divorced with an adolescent child) living together. And she cracks herself up on how much of a jack-hole Charlie Sheen's character is on that show. Kudos for my wife to try something out of the norm, now she can't get enough of that crap (now if I can just get her to watch 'Price is Right' again since Drew Carey started hosting the show, that'll be a miracle.)

But that's just some of the things that we try to incorporate to make it better for her during these trying times. I post this because I'm in deep concern of her and I want to vent on the things that we tried to do. Also if there's any suggestions, I'm totally open for it. But for now, I'm just glad that they're a little bit of peace at the home.

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