Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family Game Night

If you haven't already figured out, I'm a hardcore gamer. In fact, I love me some videogames no matter what it might be. Luckily for me, my wife is a gamer as well; albeit a casual gamer; but a gamer nonetheless. And when two gamers who love each other very much, one day they have little baby gamers. This is the setup to what it's like to have gamers in training. Just a forewarning, if you're a gamer itself, you can definitely understand the frustration that we go though.

So the other night my boys, ages six and four, wanted to go play the Wii. I gave them permission because they were actually acting like good kids today versus the little buggers that they usually act like. They gathered around the living room and started to play Wii Sports; strike one. One was feeling crappy due to the other pwning them in boxing, and visa versa when it came to tennis. I said, "OK, try a different game. I don't wanna hear any more whining about losing or anything, it's just a game," or something along those lines. (hey when you're cleaning up from dinner and knee deep in pots and pans, oh whatever...)

So they decided to go play Super Mario Bros. 3 that I've bought from the Virtual Store, strike two. The younger one started to sabotage the older one by whenever he tried to pass him on the path, they go into the Mario Bros. mini-game, causing him to lose and then doing the next level. Albeit he dies on each attempt, it's an annoyance that he's basically cock-blocking his brother from playing the game. At about that time my wife came home from running an errand and both me and her (being the fair gamers that we are) put a stop to the sabotage. This ended up with my wife and I watching both our kids playing Mario Bros. 3 in the worst, less than amateurish, sloppiest gaming specticale that we have seen in ages; strike three and they're out.

My wife got so mad that they kept on dying and with having unlimited continues, suffering from having to see them fail so much; that she took one kids controller and started to play for them. I followed suite and started to play for the other. After about ten minutes of that we relinquished the controllers back to them so we could find some sort of solace in them playing something more than the same three levels. But they died and had to start all over again. At that point, my wife had bribed them with cookies to pull them off of the Wii to end that insanity.

This is a gamer family's game night. Let the kids play until you're too damn upset with them losing and have to play for them. And all I can say is that goodness we had those cookies, if not then we would've probably have had two less kids. It was that nerve-raking indeed, but we went through it. And now that I think about it, it's like that with just about any type of game from our childhood that these kids seem to butcher into mincemeat. A few months ago we tried a similar expriment with Trouble. They kept on skipping turns, not jumping over players pegs, all sort of chaos. So it's whether it's a videogame, boardgame, whatever, those two somehow find a way to cause me and my wife to wonder; why did we want kids again?!? But in all honesty, they're good kids, just don't get them to play a game near you unless yourself is a gaming masochist.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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