Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heeeere's Baby!!!

It's been an estimated 39 weeks in the making. Countless hours of loss sleep and agony. An emotional roller coaster to boot and filled with happiness, grief, pain, and just about any other emotion that can be described. But finally our (my wife and I) son was born on June 22nd. We welcome to the world Logan, our third son. Blaine and Skyler are fine at the babysitters for the time during his stay at the hospital. And just like any story, this one has its highs as well as its lows.

First off, Logan had entered the world breathing one breath, crying, and then stop breathing because he took in some fluid from the womb . They had to try to resuscitate him and it was successful, within minutes he was breathing on his own and the good doctors (all though their intentions were good at least) had put him into the NICU. He was there for about 5 days all with different minor complications that had hindered him from leaving earlier. The first was just making sure that his vitals were stabilizing and that he can hold his own as far as temperature and whatnot. This was resolved by the first 36 hours. But afterward is where I think all the b.s. started to happen to hinder his release.

The docs forgot to ween him off of his I.V. and pumping him with sugar solution earlier. So they slowly weened him from the IV while my wife was feeding him with breast milk. All the while running tests to see if his blood sugar could at least stabilize or thrive. The bloodsugar kept on climbing and Logan was on the fasttrack to leave the NICU and hopefully leave the hospital. They warrent a release. But at that time, they forgot to check his bilirubin count earlier and had to check it. It was too high and Logan had to undergo intense photo therapy to counteract the effects before possible brain damage occurs. Luckily that went well and his count went down considerably. A forseeible release would be eminent during his forth day of life.

So the day comes for him to leave the hospital and Logan is home where he rightfully belongs, with his family. And I couldn't be any happier at this moment. Finally the family is complete and whole. The way it's intented to be. Now that I got that outta my system I feel a helluva lot better and carefree at this moment. All the trouble, trials, and tribulations are over and we all can relax.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out... (and hopefully getting some sleep too...)

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