Saturday, June 6, 2009

Final Thoughts on E3 2009

All I can possibly say about E3 2009 is holy crap. The news and footage from the perspective of someone from the outside looking in was awesome. From the different innovative mediums that the big three are trying to implement to get the gamer to interact more with their games to the games themselves, it was a phenomenal feat in this year's showing. So lets break down the highlights that got me hooked on E3 '09.

Since I'm such a huge old school gamer fanatic, I think it's obvious to everyone that followed E3 to know where my focus was on, Nintendo. And this year was not a year of disappointment between me and Nintendo; especially with the presentation of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Talk about improving on perfection; it took all that was good with NES classic and made it crazy hot by making it four-player-simultaneous where you have to rely on your comrades to get stuff done in the game, sick designs on the stages, and keeping it pure with all the old school characteristics that made that Italian plumber the super star of the Mushroom Kingdom. The controls from what I heard are pretty good for the most part, but what really annoyed people was when someone on your party died, the screen paused for a split second and that could possibly throw off someone momentum in the since of manuvering on the screen. Also it's more of an all for one versus one for all type of gameplay in completing and competing within the game in which could be dubbed as Super Mario Bros. Asshole. Another dose of nostalgia-revamps was the big announcement of Metroid: Other M. One word: sick! It encompasses in my opinion everything that Metroid should be and then some, especially with it's third person view. 2010 can't come soon enough for me to try that on for size. Plus one more thing to the new wave in Nintendo in which I'm a little skeptical about is the Wii Motion Plus peripherial for it's Wiimotes. It will allow a more sensitive feel towards the gameplay allowing it to feel more into the game. Such titles such as Red Steel 2 and Wii Sports Resort are to show off it's true protential and sure to add a more advance sense of difficulty in gameplay, thus making it more fun to play out. One thing that disappointed me about Nintendo was the tease of a new Zelda. Very little info about it and (all be it that's good) that they're actually doing a new Zelda, all they did was just one big cock-tease poster about it. Why Miyamoto, why?

And one more big nostalgic trip has to be the Ghostbusters videogame. It looks like a helluva trip acting out as the 5th member of the Ghostbusters, picking up as if it's still 1989 and being an eye feast as well as the handling of the controls leads much anticipation for the game that's due to come out later this month.

This isn't to say that Microsoft and Sony didn't show up, they made their presence shown. First with Microsoft's elongated pre-day 1 press conference where they showed off Beatles Rock Band. I've already commented on that on my previous E3 post so I'm not gonna waste the carpal tunnel on that one. But what I didn't post from Microsoft was it's innovative motion detection hardware they're trying to impliment and the game they showed off with it, Project Natal. In my observation, it's kinda like a hybrid of Sony's EyeToy and that peripheral from way back for the Genesis that detected motion from above eight different points the Sega Activator. It was in my opinion very creepy in it's presentation, but the only saving grace for it was that you can scan objects to use for certain games while you're playing them. Like I said, it didn't wow me that much. Sony however, was definately more impressive in their outing than Microsoft, with their demo of God of War 3 headlining all their software endevours as well as the PSP Go, their new handheld device that eliminates the need for carrying all those pesky UMDs and the ability to just download the content on its HDD (which I think will be awesome.) Sony as well has wowed me again with their news of getting Final Fantasy VII available to download for the PSP as well as Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation network. Two great classics finally getting ported and making good.

So pretty much, same as from what brought into this retrospect of E3 09 from my previous post on it, just a little more added flavor to what I'm looking forward to in the near future. I just hope that if you're a gamer like myself, than you were very satisfied toward what the industry has to offer us for 2009/2010. Can't wait for the next E3...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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