Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm willing to concede that we are living in such an advanced time where there seem to be an app for everything if everyone else is willing to concede that the apps have put us into a symbiotic relationship to them.  It's just that simple people.  I know it, you know it, we all know it...  We just don't want to admit it. Hopefully this will shine some light to the matter.

I've talked about apps briefly in a previous post and I still stand by that.  But like technology does so must apps too, and evolve.  It seems that we are tethered into having an app for daily living as well as an escape from our reality.  There's games, music, games, organizers, games, social networks, games, and other crap that is mostly ridiculous.  Oh, did I mention games. A whole friggin boat load of them. And yes I seem to be addicted to them. I've fallen into the Matrix people, just start converting me into a AA right now...  Where should I start in this shenanigan, more of an accurate question is when.

It was about a month ago I finally broke down and stepped into the realm of smart devises.  Browse a few sites while texting, listening to my music collection, checking my email, running the whole gauntlet of what comes standard with these things.  It was euphoria. Finally realizing what I was missing. Then I started to think, "what else is this thing missing?". APPS!!! Pretty much the other main function is loading it with a bunch of multi-touch games and other crap. And in my brief time with this I've noticed that there are a few that are helpful, some are a good use of wasted time, and others are just a waste of gigabytes. 

But mostly they're a waste.  I've had the opportunity to look into some apps.  And the term " for what it's worth" couldn't be more appropriate. Angry Birds, Texting Of The Bread, and Fruit Ninja was probably the best $.99 I spent so far with this while The Price Is Right was an addictive purchase because I'm a sucker for game shows.  And some of the free apps are decent at best, such as Pandora, Facebook, and Twitter; which I seem to be abusing every chance I get. But as all free stuff goes, 99% of it is total crap. Being that it is either ad filled and you would have to pay to get rid of (if it even gave that option on some apps) or have to pay to unlock certain features (which I am guilty of doing on a rare occasion; damn you "oh my balls"). But I can see everyones obsession with these damn things.  It's the new wave of technological crack cocaine we've came to embrace. And embrace we shall until the next new thing come out.

Believe me this is just the peak of the iceberg. It's what within the apps that draw us together. The obvious are the social networking apps but the games (which I have been mostly doing) can share, compare, and brag about all the smack you're doing in the game. Then again, a lot can be said about all the Playstation 3 achievements on my friends Facebook's wall.

So let me stop before I lose my friggin mind on all this app talk and get back to other means of entertainment, like watching Netflix on my TV instead of my mobile device.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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