Sunday, March 27, 2011

Drive-by Humor

I was out with the wifie and kids earlier in the week and I noticed something that was a little odd on a particular object of my affection.  A pool table (or billiard table for those that want to be snobby) at a local Goodwill.  It would draw any normal red-blooded man to its attention.  I wanted it but knew two things: 1) I didn't have $130 to spend and 2) I don't have the space for a pool table.  I would still want to look at it.  But something caught my eye about the table.  It didn't make it a valuable table but it did make it one thing that I do love.  It made it a fail.  And I love fails.  So I posted a video about it to my Youtube account.  Worse case scenerio, it gave me practice on using the camcorder on my mobile to do it right next time.  Here it is...

And trust me, this is just the first of many more videos to come.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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