Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(Seemingly) No More Originality in Gaming

It would be a misnomer if I said that there haven't been any kind of originality in videogames in this current generations of consoles because they're have been some diamonds in the rough. But as for the vast majority, it's pretty damn obvious that most things are a rehash of the same damn game from last gen.

I mean, if you look at games within the past decade (that's this generation and last generation of consoles) the only thing that has vastly improved was graphics. That's a pretty big obvious with everything and your grandma is on 1080p. But graphics can only carry a game so far. There has to be gameplay that separates that from its competition and the overall experience should be unique. There been innovators yeah, I'm not shitting on their parade, this is for those whom harp on a dead horse well past it's original novelty. And the worst offenders are at times the originators themselves. I'll get more on that later. Lets start on what I think is a major player in this; first-person shooters and the blandness that they crap out day in and day out. 

It used to be that gamers were those who escaped into a world of fantasy and lure. Now it's appears to trend to gung-ho, frat-boy, meat heads who couldn't give two shits about where a game takes them as long as it makes them feel more like a man while they're blowing the crap out of zombies, terrorists, aliens, or any other moving target programmers could think of that would look good when it goes BOOM!!! And I'll admit I was caught up at one point when Counterstrike came out way back when, but I was enlisted during that time. I matured since then. And it wasn't the only thing I was playing (or doing) at the time. But it seems that it's was only yesterday that Call of Modern Warfare 15: Black Ops Opus with it's Sector Seven DLC which added on 40% more sand and brown crap and insta-nuke capabilities and it's being outshun by that Master Iron Chef that blows up aliens with their intergalactic insta-nuke. Don't anybody else see that it's the same damn game?!? It's friggin ridiculous what leaps and bounds his tripe keeps coming into peoples living rooms. I don't understand it, I don't believe it, I'm through with it. It's crap. Please, get me off this hell genre and on to the next fail before I die of a brain aneurism then get shot by an asshole meathead. 

Let's tackle something more my alley, rhythm games. When did these fuckin newbs think they get off thinking they're rock stars because they waste four months of their lives trying to finish Dragonforce and then declare themselves kings of rock? Pick up a real guitar and do that I tell them and do it, then I'll might consider you alright. Tapping on a toggle and frisbees with chopsticks don't make you a bad ass either. I swear it's like an electronic Dummies manual for those that walk a friggin straight line. Now I'll give credit with that game that's supposed to have an actual six-string as a controller, but if it's just a piece of shit novelty like the toy guitars I give my sons if they're good at K-Mart, than I'll let that be the last straw that kills this. Honestly, WE'RE RIPPING OFF OF SIMON!!! Who doesn't see this crap. I mean to advance as far as to adapt a memory version of Solitaire from the 70's?!? Im disgusted. It's just about as bad as those paper guitars... So lame...

As for public videogame enemy number three, the crapshoot goes to those that continue to shell out the same damn game but under a different title. The worst of the worst is sport games such as Madden, the 2K franchise, and NASCAR. Madden in my opinion haven't changed or even evolved since 2001 and in my opinion stopped giving a shit singe they've became the NFL videogame monopoly. That alone pisses me off cutting down some of the other variety to such a great alternative to the actual sport. I mean Blitz was a great variant much like NBA JAM did for basketball in the arcades. But now were left with mediocrity and lameness. Speaking of lameness, the 2K series of games are just that. Just a newer variant of what was originally perfected from the Dreamcast era of gaming. It was a golden nugget of gaming then, now it's just a nugget of feces where the only gold you can see is the corn I ate last night. Of course that could be my bias since I was a hardcore Dreamcast fanatic (still am), but hey, it's my blog. I fan be as bias as whatever the hell I want. And then of all the sporting games there's NASCAR (yes it is a sport). It's no Need For Speed or GTA, it's just turning left for hours on end and timing pits at the right time. It's just boring as a game. Doing it in real life is friggin exciting, but on a plastic steering wheel on your lap, hell no. Sport games are and will always be lame cause its meant to be PLAYED, not SIMULATED!!! And no, online poker is not a sport because it's not on ESPN, just real people playing with other real people.

But that's my grief in gaming for the moment. Next time I come back to talk about gaming, I'll bring up some goodness to talk about. Because let's face it, videogames are meant to be fun and enjoyable. Then again, it's also fun to bash on something that is in dire need to be put in it's place.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

Oh, and just to be fair, RPGs are all in the same damn mix too.  Don't believe me, here's a flow chart that proves me right.

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