Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BootLeG's Year in Review

Well, it's been once again a helluva year.  Ups, downs, sideways, forwards, backwards, tos and fros...  Hell, why don't I just stop with all the anticipation and get this review going...  This is BootLeG sampler.., "wha-tha?!?"

Let's get this started on a sour note, I was like most people unemployed for the first part of the year.  It sucked royally, not much more I could say about that.  Thank goodness that it wasn't long that I found a job that suited my need for customer support and technical support, plus it also recognized me for the hard work that I've put within the company.  Unlike my previous employer where all they did was stole two and a half years of my life and did nothing but torment me with false promises of growth and success.  But that was a previous post.

The year was also about inconsistency.  In particular, my blog.  I try to make it work and function to what I want to be with regular posts and possibly different series, and that is still something that I want to do in the future.  But as far as the different redesigns and the way, way, too long of a hiatus, it hasn't gone to full fruition.  Rest assure, It's definitely scores better than what it was.

This year was also very productive away from the blog.  I was able to spend more time with my family and was able to help my friends in times of need.  They thought that I was there to help them, but in reality, it was them that were helping me.  In the duration of my unemployment I've became a little depressed and they were my gateway to help me out of my slump, even after me getting the job.  So to those who were there to put up with my shit, thank you.

In retrospect, outside of that it hasn't been much for the BootLeG sampler.., I haven't even written any new music.  One in part was because I sold my basses, the other is that I haven't had much inspiration to write (or time matter of fact), but with my library, I could spend a little bit of time off, and come up with some fresh and awesome material.  Lyrics could come and go, no biggie, and if it takes some time before I go back to that rhythm, it's all good.

There was one thing that I do plan to continue on.  I am currently learning on editing my own videos learning about the different cinematography techniques like lighting and all that jazz.  I figure it was a passion of mine for a while and I wanted to bring that into fruition along with my blog.  I'm recovering some old 'Jackass' style stuff that I've filmed from years ago and seeing if I could get that up here first before I look into start any kind of plans for production of a series of some sort.  Be sure to come back for big things to come.

Anyways, that was the year in review.  2010 was good, it was a tearjerker, it was... 'wha-tha?!?'  In a nutshell, it was what it was.  All I can say right now is 2011, bring it on...  BRING IT ON!!!  Seriously, just can't wait to see it has in store for us all.  Here's to a prosperous New Year everyone...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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