Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finally, the Dry Spell is Broken...

For the past six weeks, I've been on a mission searching for something. Something that could complete me. Something that would bring a sense of normalcy to my life as well as others close to me. That thing is; a job. And thank goodness now that I've found one, because it's not a moment too soon. This is my chronicles of live on the unemployed side and the triumphant feeling of awe of being employed again.

It started with me hitting the ground running, doing the job network thing (Monster, Career Builder, Dice (because I'm a techie kinda guy), etc.) and applied for anything and everything in my field and job skill. I had a method, every other day I would check for new jobs that would suite me. Some of those searches landed me into a few interviews with a couple of staffing agencies that would try to fit me into a job as well as other interviews for direct hires in my profession. This also included applying for unemployment, which I totally am against doing but taking pride out of the equation, it was a necessity that certainly helped. Included with applying for unemployment was the long friggin' approval wait for it, as well as attending job fairs that the state had setup and reemployment classes. Reemployment classes that were mandatory for me to be eligible for unemployment and if I happened to missed one of those classes, I would be disqualified for unemployment and my funding would be stopped. Once again, I had to swallow my pride, but pride don't mean shit if I can't provide for my family by any means necessary.

On the days that I didn't search, I did moderate housework. That's where things start to go sour. I do my chores like dishes and laundry just like as if I did prior to getting let go, but then there was the realm of taking care of the ENTIRE FRIGGIN' HOUSE... Holy crap that's a huge endeavor. I don't know how the wifie does it. I was on her like white on rice trying to learn from my housewife sensei about trying to keep up. And what I've learned from that experience, don't piss off the sensei, because it will bite you in the ass... HARD! I couldn't do half the work to par that she normally does, and the only thing that I did was get in her way on most things. It was getting to the point to that if I don't get a job soon..., let's just say that it wouldn't end well for me.

Thankfully, at that point in time, a job offer arose. Two interviews later and I was hired. That was this past Monday. I went to orientation filling in jobbie type stuff only to realize that at that time, my out-of-state licence was expired recently and it was not a valid form of ID. That was Wednesday. Needless to say, the wifie was mad and was on the suspicion that we (meaning I) won't get the job and dire straits would be near if something didn't happen. So the next day we went to the DMV to get my licence changed over; why didn't I do that earlier, I don't know; but there's a snafu in that plan. My licence is suspended for some strange reason and I have to get in contact with them for a reason why. So until then, they just gave me a regular state issued ID card. So I can't drive (well drive legally) but at least it's a legitimate ID card that means three things: 1) I start my job on Monday!!! 2) I get out of my wife's hair because I start my job on Monday!!! And 3) I still can by beer to celebrate points 1 and 2.

It's been quite an adventure and I'm just glad that it's over and a new one just begun. No doubt that I'll do my damndest to thrive in this venture. I'm just glad that my drought of unemployment is over and things will go as close to normal as things can get.

I would also like to thank those whom helped me in any way, shape, or form towards me getting a job. Whether it was as a reference, a lead to put my foot in, prayer, whatever the case was. Thanks, I truly mean it.

Off to the rat race once again...

BootLeG sampler.. signing off...

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