Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Trip down Memory Lane

This is an homage if you will about the recent happening of what was supposed to be my 10 year class reunion.  I still can't believe that it's been 10 years, and the Class of 2000, the Class of the Millennium, is a thing of the past, and a whole decade has flown by like a blink of an eye.  But this isn't the time or the place to try to recapture that, this is my immediate, yet collective, thoughts of what were to be my 10 year reunion.  Meeting up with colleagues and old friends that I haven't seen in years.  But the road to that is, well... complicated.

I suppose that the beginning is a fine place to start, so let's start there.  About a year ago I knew that my high school reunion was going to come up.  In fact, it was going to come up sooner than expected, at first.  It was supposed to be around June-ish, if memory serve me right, it was near the time of Fathers Day, but what do I know.  It was a a little close to what I thought would have enough time but I planned to go back east for it, save up some money and me and the fam would be there for a week.  But then there was the circumstance that left me in between jobs for a moment, and threw a wrench in the works from there.  I thought that would've been the end of that, and then I found out that the reunion was rescheduled.  Great I thought, but then I found out when it was rescheduled to...

BLACK FRIGGIN' FRIDAY!!!  That amongst itself should be it's own WTF PEOPLE?!? post, but it gets even better.  It was going to be at the local Dave and Busters.  How F'd up do my class has to be to have it at a Dave and Busters.  What are we supposed to do, toast our classmates over skeeball and Street Fighter 4?!?  I'm really trying to stop myself from making this into a WTF PEOPLE?!? post here people, but let's just stick to the story at hand.  Seriously, I thought that my high school had came up with the stupidest time for a reunion.  But nooooo, the wifie's class reunion was for the SAME DAMN DAY!!!  And to top it all off, it's on different sides of the state, mine and hers, so there was no way of trying to pull that off.  On top of that, the wifie hates, HATES, traveling during the holidays and refuses to come out of the house on Black Friday due to what she thinks are idiots who don't know how to drive (I agree.)  So I regretfully declined going to my reunion as well as she.  We spent Thanksgiving here with her family and we had a good time, and I made my merry old way to work for the week afterward.

And later on that day, or even the next day, I can't be certain I was just in a fetal position thanking God for a safe travel back home from work with the holiday traffic from hell.  I was on Facebook just to see if anyone of my friends went to the reunion to my shock.  The damn thing was cancelled at the last minute.  They're trying to reschedule it for spring/summer of 2011.  Yeah, that's right my Class of 2000's High School Reunion is going to be sometime in 2011.  If there was ever a time for to be in existence, now is the time.  I just hope that it's going to be in a place that's a little more swankier than a Dave and Busters.  Hell, prom was at least held in a Holiday Inn, why the hell wasn't that available.  I just pretty much said that if I make it, I'll make it, I'm just pissed that I didn't go to the wifie's 10 year cause (even though it was held on Black Friday) it sounded pretty damn fun from what her friends said.

So, here's to making it back home in 2020 for our 20th 'mates, or in this rate, 2022.  I just don't friggin' know anymore...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

P.S.  The sarcasm within this post was not to poke fun at those whom tried to produce such a great get-together, but it was indeed meant to be there in it's truest of fashion.

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