Thursday, October 29, 2009

I heart the King of Prussia Mall

So I was talking to some of my fellow co-workers the other day about how we used to spend our youth.  And I was like how I thought most teenagers spend their time, as a mallrat.  I figured the mall was the place to be.  It was a joining place for friends and acquaintances to convene, shop, eat, and have a good time with other amusements that the local mall could provide such as movies, outdoor vestibules for concerts, indoor mini-golf, and even the occasional carousel for the little ones and those bigger kids that want to make an ass out of themselves.  And I guess that I could consider myself lucky for having such a kickass mall in my old stomping grounds as a youth...  The King of Prussia Mall.  By far the best mall that I've ever had the luxury to visit.  Now I know that some people would say that the Mall of America trumps anything that is out there.  I'm not gonna deny their claims.  But this is my blog, and I've never had the luxury to visit the Mall of America.  But believe me when I say this; the King of Prussia Mall is by far the most epic of all shopping venues that I've ever had the fortune of waiting so much of my time and money at.  I truly heart the King of Prussia Mall.
Let me break it down for everyone just in case you were too damn lazy to follow the links from above.  The King of Prussia Mall consists of two separate buildings, the Plaza and the Court.  The Court was majority upscale vendors and department stores where glitz and glamor reign supreme; while the Plaza caters to more of the common man while still having an upscale facet for itself.  Where I spent most of my time however was the Plaza.  It was more of the commoners section of the Mall, especially since the food court was the epicenter of all social interaction cause everyone needed to eat, right?!?  But that's not to say that that was the only conveyor of food there.  With plenty of upscale restaurants in and around the mall, there are plenty of options to choose from.  It's just from a mallrat's perspective eating at Panda Express and BK was more feasible than the Cheesecake Factory and Ruth Chris Steakhouse.
But the mall isn't just for eating (of course it doesn't help that I love to eat and I'm married to a chef), it's for shopping as well.  The galleries of clothing stores, gadget shops, beauty salons, and the occasional comic book retailer was what and has continue to draw consumers and customers to the mall.  Everything from Lord and Taylor to Foot Locker to Fredrick's of Hollywood to the Discovery Channel Store to the comic book store to the Timberland Store to, you get the idea.  Everything for everyone.  Hell, that's why it's slogan is "Life, and all it's stores."  (Gosh I feel cheezy just typing that...)
But seriously, it's a friggin' beast the King of Prussia Mall.  No mall that I've been to have even come close to light a friggin' candle to how epic the Plaza and the Court is.  Hell, it was so good that some of my fondest memories with my uncle was just going to the mall after church and just walk the entire damn place.  We start at the third floor of Sears, JC Penney or Macy's (whichever he's in the mood to get a decent shirt from that day) and then canvas the Plaza and every square inch that catches our interest then walk (or drive depending on the weather that day) to the Court and do the same there as well.  By that time it would be close to closing time for the mall and we've already been there since 11-ish.  There's a day well spent for any mallrat and a bonding experience with a great man in my family.
So I conclude, the mall was excellent.  Hell, it still is.  With the Court and the Plaza, the IMAX theater, and other surrounding stores and restaurants on it's grounds, I just wish I was there right now.  And if you're reading this and haven't experienced the King of Prussia Mall, I just wish that you were there too to experience such an epic place.
BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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