Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fantasy Football: Full Throtle

So it's October and we're knee deep in gridiron action. We had injuries, surprises, and hell even the Detroit Lions won a game finally (nothing like a 19-game losing streak to make the news scoring a W). But what I'm talking about in relation good ol' BLG.. is fantasy football. I posted a helluva long time back about being asked to join a fantasy football league. Well, that spawned to me being associated in three, yes three different leagues simultaneously. Seriously, that's a lot of maintenance.

I have one from work that I was invited into (that would have been number 1). Then there's one that I'm doing with a few of my friends from work and outside of work, plus a third one with another set of close friends. That's a lot on my plate this year, the most that I've done yet. And it wasn't until about 2 years ago that I've been bitten by the fantasy football bug and at first it was fantastic just learning the ropes. The second year was more of a rebuilding fundamentals and I made it to the playoffs only to be knocked out on the first round last year. Now it's like running a friggin' gauntlet with three different leagues with three totally different lineups hoping that I could just break even at the end. Although I am happy to say that I'm 3-1 on one league and had a bye week on another that was well needed cause most of my lineup was eff'd up for that week. Ah the troubles of having eyes that are too big for your stomach, it's a fickle bitch.

What the hell ever happened to just going to a sports bar, enjoying a beer and the game and not worry about "crap, like a third of my lineup is on a bye week and I'm gonna get screwed over like a $3 whore." I miss those days when I just enjoyed the game because it was a sport and I was a spectator. Now I feel like that being commissioned by the NFL to micromanage a select few to assemble the most epic of all teams for that season. ISN'T THAT WHAT THE EFF'N PRO BOWL IS FOR!?! I mean that's been a NFL institution for-like-ever now, why mess with perfection that worked back in the day. I mean, I do it because it's fun and has comradely between friends and co-workers. That's it. Sure the occasional smack talk ensures but that's because we're a bunch of men and that's how we handle our business. But for goodness sake people, it's just a eff'n game. Let it be, and have some fun with it. So what if your team sucks, just remember one thing: at least you're not the 2008 Lions (still LMAO on that one).

To a healthy season for every football fanatic...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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