Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some side effects may include...

So I'm writing about my post-op experiences after the vasectomy. And I'm getting lots of questions from those close to me about how was it and all sorts of weird crap. So I decided to make a generalized FAQ about my experience with the whole nip/tuck from down under. Without further ado, cause FAQ's are all about as direct of a response as possible, let's cut (bad use of word here) the crap and list some FAQ's.

Q: Did/does it hurt?
A: The only thing that hurt during the process was the needle to the sack and the fact that there was a lot of pressure on there due to the clamping of the tube and the local anesthetic not kicking in just yet. And as for currently, it only feels a small bit of pain if I get up, sit down, or move too fast too suddenly.

Q: Are you taking anything for it?
A: An antibiotic to combat any infections and percocet for any pain that is not manageable without it.

Q: Why didn't you just have your wife get her tubes tied instead?
A: The process of a vasectomy is a quick 30-60 min office procedure with a day or two to recover from. This versus my wife that has to go under general anesthesia and major surgery with a helluva lot longer recovery time. Also my wife's been though hell enough already giving birth to our three sons and I don't want to worry her with any kind of complications in that regard as well.

Q: Can you still do the things you used to do?
A: This is in regard with my sex life and pleasing my wife. Yes, I can still do all that stuff just like I've been able to do the whole time. It's not like it's going to be nothing coming out, it's just that there's no sperm in the semen to impregnate the wifie. So it's like you can't tell the difference. At least that's what I heard. By the time of this post I'm still in the "can't have sex for 7-10 days because you might tear those stitches" window. So that's fuckin' killing me.

Q: Can you walk.
A: Uhhh... yeah, duh?!? I made it from the doctors to wherever I am now, right?!?

Q: Do you still have your balls.
A: Of course. They didn't take those away from me. The only thing that they've done was separate the tubing from my testicles that produced sperm and made sure that I wouldn't be able to produce again. Unlike popular opinion, it's not like if you take a dog to the vet and they totally snip the whole kibbles and bits off. That's just barbaric to even suggest that to a man, we're more sophisticated and have the ability to just go under and sever the ties (no pun intended, I swear) to what allows us to procreate.

So that's the the FAQ's about my vasectomy experience. I hope that this answered some of your general questions as well as some that might not have came into your mind. I tried to keep this as short as possible due to the strange and variance of off-the-wall responses that I've been experiencing. Hopefully this will silence the masses for a moment until the next radical thing that happens to me.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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