Saturday, November 14, 2009

Change in Seasons

So the weather outside now is frightful, and sun would feel so delightful; but for now to me it's to freakin' cold... And I can't find a replacement word for snow to make this opening parody work, so I guess I'll just start with what's getting me. It's like this every friggin year here since I moved to Arizona roughly 3+ years ago. You tolerate the hot-as-balls weather for a good while then it has like two weeks of perfect temps (at least perfect for me), then BAM!!! It's friggin' cold outside.

OK, so it's not exactly cold, but when you're so damn used to the heat, anything below 75 is frigid. I love the heat, keep me warm. That's one of the driving influences that drove me to come to Phoenix and move from Philly. In the sun, I could get in the pool and cool off, hell, I could even get in the jacuzzi and cool off if it was hot enough. :P And until about the end of October I was doing just that. Try doing some crazy crap like that in Philly, I DARE YA!!!

But now, it's getting colder, the sky's are a little more gray, and I'm feelin' like, "Damn, where did my perpetual summer go?" What says this change in season has to effect the Valley of the Sun. THE VALLEY OF THE FRICKIN' SUN PEOPLE!!! C'mon, I wanna soak up some sun.

But don't get me wrong. I grew up in the cold weather for most of my life. I remember snowboarding in the Poconos, sliding on black ice driving on the Blue Route, and all that shoveling off snow off the stoop just to get to the car so I can move it on street cleaning day and not get a ticket. Good times, gooood times... Yup, the cold had its up and its downs, but by far, I rather have the warmth any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

So I ask myself, "What the hell?!?" On one hand, it's friggin colder than a witches tit to me and it's only 68 degrees, but I have friends (both here and back east) that is saying 'quit your bitchin!' Seriously, it's a lose-lose situation in my book. Damned if I do (grin and bear it with the mediocre cold temps); damned if you don't (bitch about it and get flack for voicing my dilemma to those back east.) I'm just sayin'...

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

"Trying to give you summer // but it's winter // just to see you spring // but it falls so short" -Seasons by Alien Ant Farm from ANThology

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