Thursday, April 28, 2011

List O'Best B-Sides of One Hit Wonders

A lot of the music I listen to is not of the popular stuff or mainstream; not to say anything bad about them, but there are a boatload of hidden gems out there that don't get the light of day. The beaten path is so much better than the manure field of crap that is shoveled over the radio. It just don't appeal to me. Now that not to say that in the field of shit there's some golden nuggets that's not corn that come out but don't get another chance. And like all albums, the back catalog is just as epic as the hits or better (in most cases). We all have that album that we listened to a thousand times front to back cause it was complete. Well guess what? Those one hit wonders are on the same boat. This here is my ode to those that gave it the old college try, took the stage, and was never to be heard from again. 

Now the rules for this list is simple. The artist had to have just one popular hit in their respected genre; even if they released other singles they can not be as well known as their main single. The artist must also not suck (but that's a given). With that being said, let's get it on...

• Dishwalla "Charlie Brown's Parents" : Most infamous for their single "Counting Blue Cars" got major play in the mid 90's just prior to the humble beginnings of TRL. It was a pretty good single, but whether it was their record company or piss poor management, they never branched out passed. And because of that, most people missed out on this golden nugget. It starts soft but then gets down and dirty with some grungy harmonics and proclaimed what was popular than and now, angst against authority not listening to either youth or sub-ordinances (take your pick). Either way it was catchy and little to no one knew it. So check it out, you can thank me later.

• Darwin's Waiting Room "All I Have Is Me" : Unless you're a fan of rapcore (like myself) or any bands local to the Miami area, Darwin's Waiting Room would probably pass you by faster than a speeding bullet.  Although, they did have a hit with "Feel So Stupid (Table 9)" that was just about all the fame the group had.  Too bad because they could've had a lot of potential for a whole lot more than a rapcore fad that lasted from 1998 to 2003.  This particular track although it sounds like most of their album, it kinda stands out in my book.  I tend to gravitate to this track whenever I have their CD in the car.  It's definitely one of the best closing tracks of an album that I've heard ever and it completes its epic journey without it feeling like some drawn-out rock opera.  Definitely pick it up or get it on download if you don't have it already.

• doubleDrive "Gone" : If you know me and follow any other of my music posts, it's pretty damn hard for me to not mention doubleDrive. And yes, the did have airplay with their single "Imprint". But this is from their first album that didn't get that much publicity. "Gone" starts it off as a slow guitar riff than powers up once the first verse begins to start. It then goes to some signature guitar solos and everything seems to complete once it ends. Not many songs can even claim that.

• Bloodhound Gang "The Ballad of Chasey Lane" : Just when you thought a song about sex from these guys couldn't get more graphic with "The Bad Touch", this (pardon the pun) peters out. A song about a lust lorn fan and his obsession with an infamous porn star. Lyrics alone is funny as hell, and I also have to give them props from being from Philly. But what makes this for me is the video (warning NSFW, hence why I didn't put a link to the video, but feel free to Google it.) If you thought their one hit video was a taste of low brow, than this is well below the mark; but it fits the song so well.

• Monster Magnet "Evil (Is Going On)" : If you know them you know they're more known for acid rock, pretty much you would have to either be in a trip to listen to it or it'll drive you to use and abuse. Their best (and probably only known) single "Space Lord" was played and played on MTV back in the mid 90's but this is from 1992. It's the only song probably out of their element. With blues and jazz engulfed in the track you would never known it was Monster Magnet without picking up the album work for it. Now that's a rare gem for ya.

• Alien Ant Farm "Summer" : This is that rule I mentioned that they might've had other singles but only one that stood out come into play comes in. I actually heard them the first time with their previous single "Movies", but it was their Michael Jackson cover of "Smooth Criminal" that gave them their popularity and fizzled out afterwards. This track however is a B-Side of theirs that uses the seasons as a metaphor of a relationship. It's catchy just on a lyrical basis alone, and the way it takes me in a melodic trance each time is just awesome. But honestly, most of their catalog is just epic with sweet hooks and an amalgam of great lyrics and well timed solos and bridges. It really surprises me that they're only a one hit wonder, even with a small handful of singles around them, it's only that one that sticks to most peoples head.

Trust me, I would love to have more bands and other acts out there, but like my rule stated from before.  Only one-hit wonders, and I made a stretch with Alien Ant Farm enough as is, possibly even with Monster Magnet.  Most of my taste either gravitate to either well established bands that made it some what, or stuff that no one ever knew of.  And that might be a subject of another post, but as for this one; I'm calling it a one-and-done.
BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

p.s.  In no way did any of the following bands ask for any endorsement nor knew of their wonderful music mentioned on this blog post.  It's all of my effort alone to enrich everyone to something outside of the stereotypical norm.  Enjoy.

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