Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, at least this year after watching the Superbowl, I'm not waiting a couple of days before I write it.  But man, I'm almost ashamed to say this since I'm a diehard Eagles fan; but "I bELIeve in ELI..."  That was just one helluva game on both parts.  Quite honestly, I was a little bit worried on whom I should root for.  The Giants are divisional rivals of mine and, well, I can't stand Tom Brady.  And since I rather have championship won from someone within the NFC East versus anyone in the AFC, I went with the Giants.

So let's go over the game itself, since that's what I was mainly focus to watch (we'll get to the commercials in a bit, trust me.)  I was feeling pretty damn good in the beginning with that early safety.  It gave me hope that there were be flaws in the Patriots system.  The touchdown afterwards was just a confidence builder that the Giants could also make plays without relying on opponents mistakes.  My immediate thoughts was "Repeat?!?"  And then shit started to hit the fan.  A Patriot's field goal middle of the second quarter and I thought; "Eh, no big deal."  Then the touchdown in the end of the half; "Fuckin' A, really!?!  So that is how it's gonna be."  I mean New York was supposed to be some big deal about their defense and more importantly their pass rushing and it wasn't there at that time.  No problem, they'll pick it up at the half.  First drive in the half, Patriots did what they do best, score that knock out punch to start.  Now I was friggin' worried.  It was sloppy play going up to the red zone for the Giants and eventually came up with a couple of field goals.  I was still worried for the whole game.  Then the Giant's last drive.

Where the hell do I start.  Well, obviously the Manningham catch to the end zone.  That was just great and also lead to a really bad challenge by New England.  I mean, Stevie Wonder could see that both feet were in bounds and it was a clean catch.  Way to burn a time out and I was thinking, we got a chance at this.  I was hoping for at least a field goal.  Then, from one of the most beautiful plays I've seen in the game to the ugliest touchdown that I've ever seen, just happened.  I mean, I can understand stopping and momentum kept him from staying on the one yard line and going in, but Bradshaw could have just dived, or took a knee even to run out the clock.  I was thrilled but I was also hoping for at least some more time to drop before a score.  So 'Wonder Boy' Tom Brady had :57 left on the clock.  "Crap, really?!?  Well, let's hope for the best," is what was going though my mind.  Then back to back drops and a sack.  "Hell yeah!!!  Pat's are goin' down," then he made the first down.  "Crap!"  But just like things should be, you can't script a better story.  No more advancement from there and the last :05 left in the game my heart dropped.  As the last second ticked off the clock, Brady threw that Hail Mary and you could cut the tension with a spoon.  With nothing but white jerseys covering Hernandez, the blocked catch and the game was over.  A great game that could rival other Super Bowl's and even what I still cling to of being the greatest game of my generation with the Eagles's 4th. and 26.  But that's the game that was, and I couldn't have been happier with the results of how the game was played, none the less, the outcome.

But what's a Super Bowl without commercials?  And this year had some good ones, not great ones, just good ones.  The favorites (or at least memorable ones) in my opinion were the GoDaddy commercials, just as provocative as usual.  Another reliable source of good commercials were Budweiser's prohibition commercial.  It made me want a beer, but I was having a margarita at the time, and I'm a responsible drunk where I don't mix liquor and beer.  Hyundai's Rocky montage was pretty memorable being that I support anything Philly and what's more of an underdog story from an underdog town than Rocky Balboa.  As far as any others, they were either stupid or easily forgetful in my book.  Of course I was more focused on the game itself this year versus the commercials because, I wanted to see a repeat (as noted from my beginning of this post.)  And there was a matter of the half time show.  Quite honestly I didn't see much of it.  My kids were playing outside and I went to blow off some steam on how badly the first half ended and spend some time with them.  I did make it in to see a little of Madonna's performance with Cee Lo Green, and quite frankly, I was more interested in Cee Lo.  The whole performance was crap in my opinion, and I'm glad I didn't get a chance to see the whole damn thing.

Well, that just about sums it all up here.  One helluva game, and that's what the spirit of what the Super Bowl is supposed to be about.  A great game against two giants, and in the end, the Giants were on top.  Kudos to them, good try for New England, and on to see what it will be for next year..

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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