Friday, February 10, 2012

Parenting for this Generation

Well, since it seems that there's another viral video out there, and for the most part I don't usually pay much attention to them. But every now and then there seem to be one that draws such an impact that it has to be noted for how awesome its stance is. And I don't mean awesome in my usual coin of the term as in "Holy crap, WTF, that's so winning..." (even though I think it is, but that's besides the fact.) This draws me in awe in wonderment on yes, sometimes we need to take things to these extremes. 

I'm certain if you have a Facebook account that you've seen your friends posts links such as this on your wall of news-ish stuff and either nod in approval (like me) or throw up in disgust (which I think you're a total pussy for doing such a thing.) This goes for a generation that as we grow older, and more mature that we forget that our environment also grow and spiral out like some crazy weed on a pristine sidewalk. I just wanted to make my stance on the matter and say, BRAVO TOMMY JORDAN, BRAVO!!! 

Most parents I think don't have even enough balls to discipline their children, and I don't approve of that lame-style of parenting. I come from the old school where if you did something wrong, you were punished based on the level of severity it was. Everything from no ice cream from the ice cream truck to getting a switch from the near by tree and get swatted on the backside for my crimes. As you can see, I'm not a bad person for experiencing such nor a bad influence in society (for the most part.) I think in times like these you have to lay down the law for your kids so they don't stray down the path. And Tommy Jordan did such a thing in this viral video. So for this, I solute you and let this be a lesson to kids that don't appreciate the things us as hard working parents who want nothing more form their kids but their love and dedication for what they do to provide for them.


I just had to state that while it was still fresh. This isn't going to throw off anything for next week. In fact I'm going to try hard to get a Valentine's Day song in for this month's Lyrical Revolution Resolution and an update from last's month's progress of Final Fantasy VII. Until later in the next week or so (man what a weak ending...) 

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...




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