Monday, January 23, 2012

WTF PEOPLE!?! Ninety's Nostalgia

Maybe it's just be turning thirty later this year, maybe it's because I think that that was the greatest decade that I lived so far.  But it just seem to me that there is an overflow of what I call "Ninety's Nostalgia."  That is to say that every kind of media that I seem to glance over is on the hook of reliving the whole Gen-X era.  Technically I am considered to be Generation Y, but that's besides the point.  The point is that everywhere I go, something from the 90's pop back.  It's neither good, nor bad, but it does bar the question, WTF PEOPLE!?!

Of course I'm a big fan of The Nostalgia Critic and this kind entertainment I approve of.  Hell, I might even approve of all those VH1 best of the 90's bullshit that come to show every know and then. (Then again, I don't know of anyone that ever watched VH1 after 2002.)  It shows all the stupid, stupid crap that was for the light of a better word, decent, at the time.  The good thing about those examples is that they don't just focus on the 90's.  Which is refreshing for someone like me that prefer variety.  The problem lies in those that dwell with the reliving it like some sick Peter Pan syndrome.  These are the ones that I enjoy just enough to get pissed off about.

One thing that I grew up with was the serge of all the cool crap that was on Nickelodeon.  It was the birth of original cartoons and content for a network meant for kids.  The original set of NickToons set the wave of what would make the network the juggernaut that it is now.  From Doug, Rugrats, and Ren and Stimpy; to Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, and Fanboy and Chum Chum; it's totally meant to be for kids.  Then they branched out to different sub-stations if you will, which are Nick Jr., NickToons, TV Land, and TeenNick.  And as part of TeenNick, they have a block of programming that set aside tweens the whole back in my day mentality.  Four hours of 90's programming of the same crap that they fed me they're feeding them, and looking back at it, it was indeed crap.  And the bad part about it is that it's all the stupid crap, not any of the good stuff.  Seriously, Doug, Kenan and Kel, and Hey Dude; c'mon man!?!  That's like the filler before all the good stuff.  I rather be watching the current crap than the old crap.  Yeah, I know, Nick was on it's infancy, but that's what stood out. Bring back old episodes of Double Dare or remake Wild 'N' Crazy Kids, but not this crap.

And the isn't all folks, there's seem to be an influx of remaking every damn thing from back in the day.  Cartoon Network did a rebirth of Thundercats, NickToons is doing Voltron and bastardizing the different Dragonball series of cartoons, Hub is doing yet another variant of Transformers as well as a new generation of G.I. Joe.  Sure I used some 80's stuff in that, but it's still the same aspect.  Are we really running out of original ideas that we have to rehash stuff form our youth?  Have all the good ideas been taken?  Hell, even Haim Saban reclaim control of the Power Rangers franchise and what did he do with the current season/series of the show, bring back an original cast member (Bulk) to the cast.  Playing it up to the current youth and the young at heart like me.  It's just bizarre on how much we can cling to that past, that it becomes a Lazarus Pit of entertainment.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it can't be a primary source of new shows.  It's like the oldies of television when the oldies station add in new content from the next decade.

Speaking of which, there's a local radio station, and maybe there's others but I'm talking about mine locale right now, that plays 90's rock music on the weekends.  They call it "Edge of the 90's Weekend" and it happens every damn weekend.  The selection is decent for the most part, but still, it's the principle of doing it every damn weekend.  It's not really all that special if it's all the time.  Maybe if it was a once a month thing and I can enjoy a playlist of Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, White Zombie, Faith No More, and Limp Bizkit in between commercials in my weekend trek home from work.  Like I said, I understand the urge to relive our past, but to a point.  You gotta take it in strides. I just know that once I start to hear Pearl Jam playing on the oldies station, I am giving up and committing myself to the nearest old-folks home.

But that's just about does it for this WTF PEOPLE!?! for the time being.  It was a treat bringing in the new year with a WTF, and of course there will be more to come.  Next week, a song and maybe a Final Fantasy VII review.  Now that's something that the 90's got right.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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