Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WTF PEOPLE!?! Superbowl XLV

I know I'm a little late on the whole posting and stuff, lots of personal and professional stuff but that's not the reason for this.  Hell, this posting is a little late on the fact that Superbowl was 3 days ago as well as I'm writing this.  The thing is, this was probably the first Superbowl that I could remember that I wasn't able to watch due to other commitments (in this case, work: but it was well worth it.)  I actually watched it over the past few days little by little to compose what my thoughts of this year's, um... how should I put this, DEBAUCHERY stood as far as my expectations and addressing my concerns with from my Superbowl memories.  Oh, where do I begin,

First let me compare to what I normally analyze during a Superbowl.  It's generally a trifecta of things that have to go right to make a Superbowl a Superbowl.  There's the game itself, the commercials, and the halftime show; and in my opinion Superbowl XLV dropped the bomb for the most part on two if not all three of these factors.  I'll try to analyze them all the best I can being that this is the day after for me watching it all, just be glad that I took some time to let it all simmer otherwise it would've been a no-holdsbarred bitchfest which wouldn't have been productive for anyone.

One of the factors that concerned me was the game itself.  Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!  It's the pinnacle American sport.  It shows off brute force with smart sly decision making and the occasion slight of hand that makes you go WTF!?!  And for something like a performance of what happened this year just gets to me.  I was pissed to hear that Green Bay won for two reasons.  One of which that they manage to just barely get by my Eagles during the first round of the playoffs (I'm still po'ed about that one), and the second is of course the W over the Steelers (the wifie's team).  I was all set for them to take a 7th title and the I try to support the wifie in her  fanfare towards her team.  There were calls that should've have been made, there were passes that should've have been intercepted, and most of all, the two minute drill that never-friggin-happened!!!  That just urks me, it was supposed to be the turning point in the game to make it exciting to watch and then BAM  stonewalled by an interception and the that's all for the record books.  Another thing is that I personally didn't get a chance to see the game live for like the first time ever.  No biggie but it's kind of a symbolism to be a man, watch the game with beer and chips in hand cussing out the refs on the TV if you couldn't make it to the game; and then those poor bastards that couldn't get into Cowboy Stadium because of the weather.  Sure they're reimbursed 3x face value and have tickets to XLVI, but is it really worth it for them to shell out more money for room and board and travel among all the other crap to make up for what they burned from this years event?!?  Ahh NFL, sometimes I wonder about you.

The other aspect that was a downer for me was the halftime show.  It was just horrible for most people, hell it was for me too...   First I like to say that the Black Eyed Peas are great on the radio, I never seen them live, and after watching the halftime show, I can honest say that I'm blessed that I haven't seen them live prior.  It was bad, really bad.  I mean when the highlight of the show was the extras dancing on the field beats out band themselves and even the most flametastic getup that I've seen Slash had the misfortune of wearing, that says a lot.  It sucked, badly.  Oh, and don't think that I've forgot the shittastic version of the National Anthem.  Seriously, how friggin' dumb do you have to be to screw up the Star-Spangled Banner!?!   So I say Christina Aguilera, how much bleach soaked threw your hair to your brain to possibly F this up so badly?!?  It makes me sick.  It almost makes me wish Roseanne sang it again...  It was God-awful, but at least she didn't make it Sunday Night at the Improv.

But to a lighter note, the commercials were hit, and miss.  The obvious heavy hitters who never let anyone down were and Doritos making me wanna go Cool Ranch all over registering a new .co domain.  But some of the commercials were just a straight facepalm of disgrace.  I'm talking about you Kia, WTF were you thinking with that?!?  It was all over the place and just a big bottle of crap in my opinion.  This also apply to the new Transformers movie (Michael Bay, please don't shit on this one like you did to Rise of the Fallen.)  Some commercials were kinda kool, mainly the two spots featuring Eminem (The Sprite commercial left me in tears of hilarity and the Chrysler 200 commercial left me in tears of joy for the love someone could have for a town that have been to hell and back.)  Also some of the movie trailers left me wanting to hit the theaters in 2011 such as Kung Fu Panda 2, Thor, and Captain America.  Those to me so wreaked of awesome.  Let me tell you, I'll be definitely watching them and giving my thoughts later in the year on them.  So I leave you with just as I said, a hit and miss.  Maybe next year.

But all in all, the only thing that I can take from missing this years Superbowl was the first hand experience of such.  It's kinda like second-hand smoke, it kills me more waiting for the wins and the fails than making fun of it the first time around.  Ah, the hell with it, now it's time to focus on the 2011 Draft picks and rooting for my Eagles in Superbowl XLVI.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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