Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What The Phuck, Philly!?!

I just don't friggin' get it.  What is it about Philadelphia sport teams that always seem to bite the bullet at the end.  Even with all the hype, even with all they shown coming up to a point, it always seem that when it comes to close the deal, they phucking choke.  And I am nothing short of a die-hard Philadelphia fan.  I love my Phillies, I love my Eagles, hell, even the Flyers and Sixers (when the Sixers had something to make of themselves).  I am just disgusted like other true Philadelphia sports fans are right now.

Take the NLDS and the Phillies.  Coming in to this they had the best record in MLB, 102-60.  They were favored to breeze into the NLCS past the wildcard Cardinals.  And what happened, they choke a few games and wasn't able to score shit for game 5.  Thus, pissing away a sure thing.  Now I'm thinking with such a great lineup like Cliff Lee, Ryan Howard, and, well do I have to spew out the entire lineup.  It's friggin' mind blowing how such talent produce such little profit.

And speaking of talent pissing away, how 'bout them Eagles.  Starting the season off at 1-3 after the so-called Dream Team they have been hyping up is now becoming a Nightmare at the Linc.  With the acquisition of star players like Vince Young and Nnamdi Asumugha to an already stacked lineup of Vick, McCoy, Jackson, Avant, Celek, etc., it was a shoe in for at least the playoffs.  Now it's a laughing stock of the NFC, if not the entire NFL.  I'm practically ashamed to support such a crap team.  And it's not really even the team, outside of those that are inactive to play and Vick's inevitable series of interceptions each game, it's the coaching that need to take the blame.  Many of years we stuck with Andy Reid taking us to the playoffs and when it counts, it fails.  We need a new coach.  We need new coaches.  We need a new dream here in Philly.

We need to wake up and smell reality and do something about these accusations.  It's too late for baseball, we got next year.  It's still not too late for football, but I"m not gonna hold my breath.  the NBA is postponed for at least two weeks for the strike, so it's not like the Sixers are gonna fill that void.  Hell, I'm just glad that hockey starting up and here's to the best for the Flyers.  So I ask again, WHAT THE PHUCK, PHILLY!?!

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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