Sunday, June 12, 2011

My thoughts on E3 2011

Once again another E3 have gone and passed and once again it had it share of surprises and awesomeness. Kind of a mook point reviewing what happened since like everyone and their mom had done it already. So I'm not gonna review it, instead I'm gonna go Monday-morning-quarterback on this one and inform you what I thought was cool as a fanboy. Because that's what I am, that and I'm pretty bummed not having the means for going to LA to experience it firsthand. So here's my E3 2011 rant. 

Might as well get what's on every gamers mind out of the way first. The Wii U; WOW!!! What can't I say about it. It was all the buzz from everyone there during it's reveal and all I wish was that I was there to demo it. First the controller for it is a friggin tablet (once again Nintendo thinking out of the box from their competitors) which looks kinda intuitive but manageable I suppose in time. The console will be 1080p ready which is about time for them to step up to the plate graphic-wise with their competition is great thing. Also, it's Wii backwards compatible so those who still play (like myself and my kids) can ease into it. My main two qualms for it is that it won't upscale current Wii titles to HD which isn't really much for me cause it was a standard-def console; and in that spirit I hope it doesn't pull a Sony in removing the backward compatibility for it. That is what turned me off of a PS3 for the longest time. 

And speaking of Sony, their new handheld the Vita striking a lot of buzz, especially since it's been leaked for what seems like the better part of the year about design concepts and being part cellphone. One good thing I can say is thank goodness they're two thumbsticks. One thing I didn't like was the carrier they choose for their 3G access, why AT&T, why?!? At least they have a wifi only model and maybe someone will find a way to jailbreak it for other carriers. But for now, we'll take it as is, a not so hidden secret. Also, I'm glad that they discussed their security issue, way to own up for your mistakes, and I'm being honest about that.  It was a good show on their part with those being the big points for them.

And to conclude the big three, Microsoft, well, it was pretty much not much of anything to leave me wanting to remember them.  I mean, they had Halo 4 and that was it, blech...  I really wasn't impressed, AGAIN, this year from them.  It sucked and it was more or less a time-waster for me to wait for Sony to start.

But E3 is not about consoles and their advancements, it's about the games.  And boy were there games.  Zelda Skyward Sword looks great on the WiiU and the fact that they're hyping the 25th anniversary of it was great in all the stuff they planned on doing for it, such as Four Swords for free on the DSi later this year.  Street Fighter X Tekken makes me want to get back to fighters again, and that they're going to be a Final Fantasy XIII-2, I just hope that it's not anything like X-2 where it kind of went way off tangent from the original story (which I'm still playing, XIII not X, I've beaten that already). Oh, and Mario, the overflow of Mario titles, it gives me such joy to bring them back.

So that was my impressions on E3 2011.  From the TV in my living room to the Twitter feeds of all those whom I followed, and everything in between, that what I got from this.  Pretty damn exciting if I don't say so myself.  Until next year for E3 for more games, I'll just keep posting more random shit out of my mouth and into the blog.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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