Thursday, September 30, 2010

The next step

In his most intriguing campy 50's superhero announcer voice...

"When we last left our hero in the previous blog post, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place having to sell his precious bass guitars for some quick cash. But little did he know the true task at hand that was awaiting him. THE ATTACK OF THE TWELVE STRING ACOUSTIC GUITAR!!! The skillmanship, the hours among hours of learning this new craft, and of course, having to tune the damn thing."

(insert high-pitched woman's scream)

"Will our hero prevail or will the next song that the BootLeG sampler.. will play be 'Taps.'"

Well, it's been hard trying to learn how to play a new instrument, but that should go without saying. Also factor in that I try to find time from between work, family, and other life distractions, it's just been going slow for me to try and pick it up. It's not like how I were learning how to play cause I had nothing to tie me down like in high school, I wouldn't be talking about it now. Of course I could use this time to practice as well, but I figure 'why if I already didn't have time and I was already on the computer, blog about it...'

So about a week or so ago the wifie decided to try to help me out in my guitar learning venture and picked up a copy of Guitar for Dummies. Not to say that I felt a little belittled because it's a Dummies book, but being a musician needing a Dummies book. So regardless of that, I used it, and to my great pleasure I was learning from it. It was good. After tuning the 12 string properly I was getting down and dirty with learning some of the basic essential chords.

Although Guitar for Dummies is designed for a six-string, I was arrogant enough to think that why not, I got 12, it should sound even more harmonic. But when I finally got to try to put some things together and play "Kumbayah," it left some things to be desired. Maybe it was the tuning of the guitar; (I did only tune low E and did everything else by ear which might have bit me in the ass more so than I thought) maybe it was the fact that I couldn't change up chords fast enough to keep to the rhythm; who knows. All I know is that it sucked at first. But than again, so did my bass playing why back when.

So I leave you with this. I will eventually conquer the guitar. I will make my twelve-string sing like a fat lady in an opera house, and it will be epic. Either that or wait until I have enough money to get a new bass and get back to the old habits.

Either way, it will be epic.

BootLeG sampler.. signing out...

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